Alexandria's Genesis
5 Super-Human Screening Begins 2
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Alexandria's Genesis
Author :TopRailGun
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5 Super-Human Screening Begins 2

As Momoka took her stance in the middle of the stage it was clear that she was even more nervous now that she was standing before the 10 representatives. The pressure of the situation was clearly getting to her. Her hands were shaking to the point that even Asai could notice it from his seat at the foot of the stage. Momoka took a long deep breath and carried on regardless of the pressure weighing down on her.

Momoka then held both of the hands out in front of her and closed her eyes. All of a sudden Asai could feel a strong breeze flowing from the stage, which only seemed to be getting stronger and stronger as the seconds ticked by. The air around the stage had begun to pulse and throb. The air all around Momoka had begun distort and quiver, signifying that something was about to happen.

Asai sat in amazement whilst looking on at the spectacle before him, I guess this is what she meant when she said control over the air he thought to himself. He could tell that her performance was going well but it was taking every ounce of Momoka's concentration to keep it all together. Her brow was furrowed, beads of sweat dropped off of her forehead and her breathing had become heavy.

The air was now fluctuating and distorting even more as the performance seemed to be reaching a climax. The crowd was watch closely and a quiet descended onto the hall, even some of the representatives were leaning forward in anticipation of what was about to happen next.

Then in an instant, the silence was broken by the sound of an explosion. The sound of the explosion was followed closely by a scream and the next thing Asai saw was Momoka flying off the stage at an incredible speed. She landed miserably right in front of the seats where Asai and Takechi were sitting.

Upon realizing that Momoka had effectively blew herself up with her own power the tension swiftly drained out of the room. The audience began chattering amongst themselves and the representatives that were sat forward in their seats relaxed back into their seats with disappointment on their faces. Asai could even hear one of the representatives say the word "trash" quite audibly, loud enough for most of the hall to be able to hear him.

Asai put these things out of his mind and rushed over to where Momoka lay.

"Hey, are you ok? Hey Momoka?" He leant over her, shouting desperately. Thankfully just a few short moments late Momoka let out a groan and turned over onto her back.

"Looks like I messed up again." Momoka forced a laugh and smiled at Asai's concern. Her face was slightly burnt from where the explosion had hit and she had tears in her eyes. Wanting to hide her disappointment and frustration she got up quickly, wiped the tears from her eyes and brushed herself down. While all this was happening the smartly dressed woman had already asked if any of the representatives would like to offer a place in their schools to Momoka. None of the representatives however, raised their hands.

As Momoka watched all of this unfold before her eyes she showed the disappointment in her face for the first time. Seeing this, Asai was truly upset by Momoka's despair. Upon realizing this Momoka immediately forced herself to smile.

"Don't worry about me, it'll be your turn soon so just focus on doing your best ok?"

Before Asai even had any chance to console her the representatives had already called the next person up.

"Ok, next up is Takechi Ando."

Takechi confidently took his place at the center of the stage. He held out his right hand and a flame appeared above it. It danced and flickered for a moment before expanding and becoming a giant fireball which he held aloft his head. Then as quickly as it appeared, the fireball dispersed. Sounds of confusion could be heard from the crowd, had he messed up?

At that moment Takechi smiled smugly, then all around him 4 towering pillars of flames erupted from the floor reaching all the way up to almost the ceiling of the hall. The heat generated by the pillars of flames was intense and immediately raised the temperature of the room by a couple of degrees. After burning the impressive scene into everyone's memories the pillars of flames quickly died out.

Asai was shocked at the amount of power exerted by Takechi and thought about what had happened earlier. Things could have gotten quite dangerous for him if Takechi had decided to get serious on him.

"Then, would any of the representatives here today like to offer Takechi Ando a place in their academies?"

At this all 10 representatives raised their hands. Wow, even though the guy's a complete jerk this is pretty impressive.

"Then Mr. Ando would you please accept one of the academies offers?"

Takechi stood and thought for a second and then answered,

"I'd like to accept Deus' academies offer."

Upon hearing this the representative who gave the speech earlier and who was sitting in the middle of the row smiled smugly. He was obviously the Deus academy representative.

Takechi left the stage, his face bursting with pride and arrogance. As he exited the stage the Deus representative called the last person to the stage. Asai stood up and headed towards the stage. Here we go then.

Asai took his place in the middle of the stage copying the actions of those before him. Looking ahead of him he saw the piercing gazes of the 10 representatives and he started to feel the pressure weighing down on him. Their scrutinizing eyes felts as if they were looking through him into his very soul. He was suddenly very aware of how powerful the people before him were.

Asai focused his mind and pushed these thoughts to the back of his head momentarily. He felt the aura in the area surrounding him. In his minds eye he pictured that aura around gathering in one point and then encompassing his body. Asai started to feel the telekinesis pressing on and supporting his body. Then when the telekinetic power had covered his whole body fully, he slowly began to raise himself into the air.

In his heart Asai felt quite pleased with himself,

"umu, flight is indeed quite an impressive ability, I'm sure at least a few of the representatives will be interested in me." Asai thought cheerfully to himself.

Asai raised himself a few feet into the air and after hovering there steadily for a few seconds slowly descended to the ground.

"That went perfectly, there must be some interest the representatives after seeing that" Asai thought to himself. However when Asai looked up at the representatives, contrary to what he was expecting the expressions on their faces were not ones of awe, but instead apathy. Even Momoka had her head in her hands upon seeing Asai's pitiful performance. Was it not enough? Asai thought to himself.

"I hope that wasn't all you have to show us?" The Deus representative spoke up with clear disdain in his voice, he was obviously not impressed so far.

Beads of sweat began to form on Asai's head and his mind raced as a small panic set in. I only have one other thing to show them, but it is supposed to be my special trump card for when I'm in a pinch. I didn't really want to reveal it under such circumstances. I really have no choice left to me though. After assessing what few options Asai had available to him he quickly made up his mind and spoke up.

"Erm, I do have something else to show, but I will need an opponent to demonstrate it. Anyone will do."

The Deus representative piped up,

"Hoh~, then how about we have my newest recruit step up and show us what he can do? Takechi, can you?"

Takechi's eyes narrowed and he smiled menacingly at Asai.

"With pleasure."

Takechi then proceeded to take his place on the stage and took up a fighting stance on the opposing side of the stage.

"Come at me." Takechi taunted.

Asai smiled to himself and thought: With pleasure.


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