Alexandria's Genesis
4 Super-Human Screening Begins 1
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Alexandria's Genesis
Author :TopRailGun
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4 Super-Human Screening Begins 1

Under the guidance of the woman who called them, the small group began to make their way over to the seats by the stage. While Asai's mind was still brooding over what had just happened in the waiting room his eye caught the eyes of someone sitting in the front row of the audience.

The woman who had caught his eye was, like Momoka, extremely beautiful. She was tall, and had long slender legs which were hidden well by a pair of thick black tights and brown leather boots that came up just above her ankles. Above that she wore a royal blue plaid skirt that came half way down her thighs and a white blouse on her top half. On top of everything she was wearing a long brown overcoat.

The mysterious lady had straight Chestnut brown hair that fell just below her shoulders, with her fringe partially covering one of her eyes. On her face was a relaxed smile which only served to enhance her beauty. But like Momoka, the thing that really caught Asai's attention was the woman's eye's. She had purple eye's, just like Asai.

From a young age Asai's eye's had always been a peculiarity. He knew that he was human, his dad had had him checked when he was born. Because neither of his parents had purple eye's his dad had suspected that his mother had been cheating on him with some purple eyed alien. However, that wasn't the case and the mystery was unsolved to this day. The woman's eye's were a more vibrant purple than Asai's own eyes however. The light in her eye's seemed to be alive and occasionally flickered and flared up.

Asai's attention was quickly broken from the mysterious lady by a woman ushering him into his seat. As he sat down he refocused his attention fully on to the stage and the test before him.

While Asai was gathering his thoughts the man who had given the speech previously spoke up.

"Ok then, let's begin with the final lot of participants."

The man who was speaking was sat in the middle of the row of representatives, and the way he spoke was with great authority and self importance. So much so that Asai guessed that he was a representative from one of the higher ranking schools.

"Can we have we have Miya Katayanagi come to the stage please?"

The girl sat at the the end of the row of seats that Asai was sitting in stood up and made her way to the middle of the stage.

Once she had took her position in the middle of the stage she pulled out a small knife out of a holder strapped around her waist.

What was she going to do with that? Asai thought to himself. However just as the thought crossed his mind Miya grasped the knife tightly and plunged it into her wrist.

A few gaps resounded from the people sitting in the audience, Asai too had his mouth open wide at the visceral sight unfolding before him.

Miya gritted her teeth and then pulled the knife from her wrist almost all the way down to her elbow opening the would further and causing a worrying amount to pour out onto the floor, creating a puddle of blood at her feet.

Despite the quite gruesome sight unfolding before them the representatives expressions remained largely unchanged and quite stoney for the most part. Miya also tried to maintain a straight face despite the searing pain from her arm and carried on with her performance.

Sheathing the knife quickly she held her free hand over the fresh wound and a faint green light began to envelop her free hand. As this light began to glow the wound on her arm began to slowly close. Steadily the wound closed up and in just a few short but nail-biting seconds the wound had closed up completely.

It was not just a matter of the wound closing though, the blood on her arm was gone and there was no signs of scarring left over. All that had remained after such a dramatic scene was the puddle of blood on the floor. She was breathing deeply and a few beads of sweat had appeared on her forehead betraying the effort she had exerted in her performance, but nonetheless a smile was on her face obviously satisfied with herself.

She finished up her performance by holding aloft her newly healed arm in a sort of victory pose. The audience applauded her performance almost in reply to her victory pose and even some of the representatives who previously looked unmoved had an excited look in their eyes and were leaning forward in their chairs.

This being his first time seeing healing powers up close, Asai also was deeply impressed by Miya's healing powers. At this point the smartly dressed woman from earlier stepped up onto the stage.

"Well then, would any of the representatives here today like to offer Miya Katayanagi a place in their prestigious academies?"

A few nervy seconds passed as the representatives considered the young girl before them. Nevertheless after a short but tense period of time 6 of the representatives sat at the table raised their hands, and a murmur of excitement spread throughout the crowd.

"Miss Katayanagi would please accept one of the offers made to you by the schools?"

Without hesitation Miya responded,

"I would like to graciously accept the offer from Ranshao Zhihun. I look forward to your tutelage."

Miya pronounced whilst bowed her head. The woman who was apparently the representative from Ranshao Zhihun academy smiled widely and said, "don't let us down."

"I will do my best." Miya declared with pride.

Miya then left the stage to the sound of heartfelt applause, her face showing a mix of happiness and pride.

"Ok, can we have Momoka Hiraga next please?

Asai's head turned quickly to look at Momoka, he was concerned about whether or not her condition had returned to normal. Upon observing her, his heart dropped as he was able to confirm his worst fears.

Although Momoka was wearing a brave face filled with determination, her face was flushed and her breathing was short and shallow. But even despite all of this Momoka still bravely made her way to the stage and took her position in the middle of the stage.


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