Alexandria's Genesis
2 The Girl With The Golden Eyes
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Alexandria's Genesis
Author :TopRailGun
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2 The Girl With The Golden Eyes

The inside of the waiting room was large and spacious, however unlike the ancient and archaic decor of the intimidating main hall the waiting room was a lot more modern in it's design. The walls were painted in a magnolia colour and the floor was covered in a gray carpet. Inside there was about 100 people scattered about either standing or sitting in the chairs.

Although there was definitely less people in this room than before, the atmosphere in the waiting room was even more oppressive and more suffocating than the large hall they were in previously. The overwhelming feeling of the room was nervousness, everyone wanted to pass and were scared of not measuring up to the standard. For a lot of people passing this test could change their lives dramatically and for some it could even represent their only chance of living a good life for themselves and their family.

However, this feeling of nervousness hadn't reached everyone in the room. There was a small group of people who were seemingly unfazed by the whole situation. They were the ones who's egos were far too big for their own good. The way they cast their eyes about the room seemed as if they were looking down on everyone who wasn't part of their small group.

Every single one of them had an unwavering belief that they were above everyone else and Asai could tell from the way they looked around the room that they would not be convinced otherwise.

Asai looked at how this group of unbearably arrogant youths had all gathered together as a group and thought to himself: "I guess it's true when they say birds of a feather flock together." Deciding that it would be best to avoid such a troublesome group of people as best as possible Asai looked around the room for somewhere to sit and wait for his name to be called.

Glancing around the room Asai spotted an open seat in the corner of the room, so he made his way across the room whilst trying not to draw any attention to himself and took a seat. As Asai sat he started to think what it might mean for his life if he were to pass this test. If by some chance he did pass this screening it would undoubtedly mean that he would be leaving his home planet and moving somewhere else. The thought of it made him slightly nervous; he had hardly ever left his village before, space travel was a completely foreign prospect for him. Although he had been reluctant to come here, his emotions were stirred nonetheless by the idea of blasting through space to a new and unfamiliar planet. In fact despite his usually unadventurous personality, it excited him greatly. Although he came here with a completely apathetic view to the superhuman training schools, after thinking about all of the exciting opportunities and experiences going to the training schools could bring his attitude had began to shift slightly.

In the midst of his daydreaming Asai looked up and noticed two girls excitedly chatting not too far in front of him.

"Hey, did you see the galactic TV crews and cameras around the stage?"

"Heh, seriously!? I hope I don't mess up my screening on galactic TV." The second girl retorted.

"Right?" The first girl replied cheerfully in agreement, both of the girls nervously giggling whilst chatting.

Talk about carefree Asai thought to himself. " But seriously, is there really a need for TV coverage?" Asai mumbled to himself feeling a hint of nervousness brought on by this new development.

"Of course there is. It's a huge event after all." A soft spoken and feminine voice sounded seemingly out of no where and caught Asai by surprise.


Asai realized that the girl sat next to him had heard his mutterings and answered his question. Quickly gathering together his thoughts and composing himself after the mild surprise he replied:

"Why is this such a huge event? It's only another Super-Human screening isn't it?"

"Well yes, but in the times we live in the strongest superhumans hold reputations similar to that or perhaps higher than those of celebrities. A lot of the galaxies news agents are here looking for the next big star. Also there are countless private security and peace-keeper agencies looking out for potential talents for the future, looking for anyone they could possibly recruit."

Asai was taken aback by how much interest was being shown in this event by such a wide variety of organizations.

"Heh~, so this is a bigger deal than I had originally thought then."

"Yes, passing this test will open up a great deal of opportunities for those involved. Ah! S-sorry I haven't introduced myself yet, my name is Momoka Hiraga. It's nice to meet you."

Momoka's nervous energy seemed to be affecting Asai himself as her abrupt introduction had caught him off guard. Again, he gather himself and turned to face Momoka and likewise introduce himself.

"It's nice to meet you as well, my name is Asai Kinnosuke."

Momoka tilted her head rather cutely and smiled at him. Asai was just realizing now that the girl he had sat next to was actually exceptionally beautiful. She had long wavy black hair that reached half way down her back, she was also wearing some odd clothing that Asai had never encountered before. It was a brilliant red colour decorated with golden patterns, the sleeves were very loose and only came down just below her elbows. The odd robe like clothing came down just below her waist, the whole garment was tied together with a red belt with patterns matching the rest of her robe. The striking garment was complemented by a comparatively ordinary pair of black trousers.

However the thing that stood out the most about Momoka was her eyes. Her eyes were a golden yellow and seemed to smolder and burn. The golden yellow colour of her eyes transitioned into an orange colour towards the pupils of her eyes. The colours were similar to the colours you would see on a clear day at sunset. They were stunningly beautiful eyes.

Conscious, however, of not wanting to stare at Momoka for too long, he thought he would ask the question that had been on his mind for quite some time now.

"Erm, so Momoka, what exactly do we have to do for this superhuman screening?"

Momoka's eyes widened at Asai's question and a look of panic seemed to spread on her face. Did I ask a strange question? Asai thought to himself as he observed her reaction.

"Y-y-you came here without even knowing that much?" Momoka said with a tone of nervousness in her voice.

Asai laughed awkwardly and replied " Well, yeah I was kinda forced here against will and I'm obliged to participate, so I haven't really had chance to find out anything about this event."

Listening to Asai's response Momoka's eyes seemed to widen even further and she had begun to put her head down and mumble under her breath about something. After a few seconds she then looked up at Asai and sighed.

"T-there isn't much time, I'm not sure how much of a help I will be to you."

Asai put his hands together in front of him and bowed his head " Anything you can tell me will be helpful at this point, since I really do know nothing about this. Please help me out."

Momoka sighed and relented "Very well, please listen carefully. There isn't much time."

A grin spread across Asai's face and he bowed once again, this time in thanks. "Thank you very much!"

Momoka jumped up at the sudden outburst and waved her hands in front of her. "Y-you don't need to thank me like that! Just please listen carefully"

Asai smiled again and turned his full attention to Momoka.


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