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1042 Might of the Fast Technique

Such an exchange naturally wouldn't attract much attention. After all, the battle was chaotic, and their ranks were low.

Ling Han was extremely satisfied.

He could have killed his opponent with a single strike, yet after performing the first strike, he felt that the amount of time that had passed was far too short. Thus, he performed several more strikes, some to the left, and some to the right… It looked as if he had only performed a single strike, yet in reality, he had actually performed a total of 11 strikes.

'I can still be faster,' he said in his mind.

Another pirate charged over, and shouted, "Detestable brat! Die!" He was an elite at the early stage of the high extreme.

Ling Han slashed his sword at the pirate.


Blood sprayed through the air, and the pirate instantly became a pile of cut up flesh.

"What?!" After seeing two fellow pirates being insta-killed, the pirates in the surroundings finally took notice of Ling Han. Five people instantly leaped over, one of them at the late stage of the high extreme, two at the early stage of the high extreme, and two at the peak stage of the medium extreme.

"There are five people, and one is even at the late stage of the high extreme," Ling Han mumbled to himself. Theoretically speaking, his battle prowess was also only at the late stage of the high extreme. As such, just a single pirate was enough to keep him occupied. However, there were four more pirates, so this was already enough to threaten his safety.

Of course, this was before taking the Fast Technique into consideration.

The five pirates sneered, and said, "Brat, where did you come from? You actually dare to stick your nose in our matters?"

"Hehe, this lady over here is fairly beautiful!"

"Fairly beautiful? Her beauty is absolutely bewitching!"

"Kill that brat and capture the lady! We'll be able to have some fun with her!"


The five pirates charged at Ling Han together.

"Five people, huh? That's slightly challenging!" Ling Han swung his sword.

Shua, shua, shua!

Sword light flashed about at a speed so fast that one couldn't follow it with their naked eyes.

Ling Han sheathed his sword, and it was as if he hadn't performed even a single strike.

Pa, pa, pa, pa!

Four of the five pirates collapsed, with only the pirate who was at the late stage of the high extreme still alive and standing. However, there was a deep gash on his neck, and it was clear that he had only just escaped being decapitated.

A cold chill gripped the remaining pirate's heart. He hadn't actually noticed the sword light, and had only used his Origin Power and hand to protect his neck after sensing an approaching danger. This saved his life, yet four of his five fingers had still been sliced off.

'This cultivator is far too terrifying! What kind of sword technique is he using? It's completely capable of soundlessly killing someone!'

One had to realize that all five of the pirates possessed a cultivation level that was similar to or above that of Ling Han. In fact, the remaining pirate was a full minor level above Ling Han. However, four of the five pirates had been disposed of in an instant, and the remaining pirate had also had four of his fingers sliced off. This was in addition to being slashed across the neck and almost having his throat cut out.

'Is this brat a five-star genius? No, no, no. Even if he's a five-star genius, his battle prowess will only be on par with mine. How could he almost insta-kill me?'

Ling Han's hand was trembling slightly, and his breathing was also a little uneven. The Origin Power in his body was also a complete mess.

The distinguishing feature of the Fast Technique was that it could break the Regulations and generate a speed that exceeded one's cultivation level. Thus, the Regulations of heaven and earth would also affect the wielder's body immensely.

"Almost," Ling Han murmured to himself. He had performed five strikes just then, and his intention had been to kill all five of the pirates. To his surprise, however, one of the pirates had managed to come out of it alive.

He calmed his breathing and unleashed the Fast Technique again, targeting the last remaining pirate.

The pirate was terrified, and all he could do was use his Origin Power to protect the weak points on his body.

This was his only option as he had absolutely no idea where Ling Han's attacks were going to come from or land.

The problem was, the area that he needed to defend was far too large as he needed to spread his Origin Power over several fatal weak points. However, Ling Han could easily focus his attacks on a single point, rendering the pirate's relatively weak defenses completely useless.

Peng, peng, peng!

The speed of Ling Han's sword was incredibly fast. How incredibly fast? It was so fast that the pirate's Origin Power shield shattered after taking two strikes. Moreover, this shield needed time to regather, while the speed of Ling Han's sword strikes was far quicker than the speed at which the pirate's Origin Power shield could reassemble.

The pirate was merely able to last for three breaths of time. Blood spurted through the air as the pirate gazed at his chest in disbelief. His heart had been pierced, and his Dantian had also been shattered.


He collapsed, never to wake up again.

Meanwhile, Ling Han was panting heavily. The Fast Technique was extremely taxing on one's Origin Power and stamina. Moreover, it was also extremely detrimental to one's body. As such, it placed a tremendous burden on whoever wielded it.

"Detestable brat!" Another pirate leaped over, this one at the consummate level of the Mountain River Tier. His hair was a mess, and his face was chubby and full of excess flesh. There was a huge cleaver in his hand, and not a single part of him looked like an Immortal level elite. Instead, he looked like a swine butcher.

Divine patterns lit up on the blade of the cleaver as the pirate swung it at Ling Han with both hands. The divine patterns dazzled with a radiance that made it impossible to trace the cleaver's trajectory.

'Consummate level?'

Ling Han was itching to test his mettle. He took a deep breath before activating the Fast Technique and unleashing a flurry of attacks.

In terms of speed, the Fast Technique was most likely the quickest in the world. At the very least, no immortal at the consummate level of the Mountain River Tier could beat Ling Han in speed.

Thus, the disheveled pirate could only switch from attack to defense.

He held his cleaver across his body, blocking a good half of it. At the same time, his body radiated with a faint golden glow that pushed his defensive prowess to extreme.

"Hah!" He didn't stick only to defense, clenching his left hand into a fist and ferociously swinging it at Ling Han.


The two of them exchanged a strike. A gash appeared on the pirate's neck, though it wasn't very deep. Meanwhile, Ling Han had been struck on his shoulder, which had clearly caved in under the impact.

Truth be told, Ling Han had definitely been injured more in this exchange. However, the pirates and sailors who had witnessed this exchange were all immensely shocked.

Ling Han was only at the middle stage of the medium extreme, while his opponent was already at the middle stage of the consummate level. There was a whopping eight sub-minor levels between their cultivation levels! Even if the pirate was no prodigy, Ling Han had still managed to fight almost eight stars above his level!

Eight stars!

Who could believe this? Who dared to believe this?

The pirate was both shocked and infuriated as he felt the gash on his neck. Although it looked like he had the upper hand, and had been able to deal his opponent more damage, Ling Han's strike would have been able to end his life had it been that little bit stronger.

Cold sweat poured down the pirate's body as he realized that he had taken a trip to death's door and back. "I can't let you live!" he roared.

His cleaver dazzled brilliantly as he swung it at Ling Han. He was going to kill Ling Han while the latter was still weak and injured. Otherwise, he would definitely be no match for Ling Han in a few years' time.

Much to his shock, however, he immediately noticed that Ling Han's shoulder was healing at an unbelievable rate.


He was so shocked that even his attack ground to a halt. His brain was ringing with disbelief. 'Such a powerful physique coupled with such an astonishing regeneration ability… Is this brat a beast?'

"Come again!" Ling Han said with a chuckle.

Fear flashed across the pirate's face. His cultivation level was higher than Ling Han, and his strength was also greater than Ling Han. However, there was terror in his heart, and he had absolutely no confidence in winning anymore.

A middle-aged pirate appeared, and humphed. "What an arrogant brat!" His had a skinny build, yet there was an image of a red sun behind his back.

Sun Moon Tier!