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Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao

Author:Flying Alone

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Updates:Chapter 477: In the Name of the Masses

An ultimate warrior, the one and only Alchemy Emperor, Ling Han, had died in his quest to achieve godhood. Ten thousands years later, and he, with the “Invincible Heaven Scroll”, was reborn in the body of a young man with the same name. From then on, winds and clouds moved, as he set himself against uncountable geniuses of this new era. His path of becoming a legend has begun once more. At all eras, and underneath the heavens, I am the strongest! 神道丹尊
《Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao》 Text
Chapter 1: Rebirth
Chapter 2: Might
Chapter 3: You’re Sick, I Can Heal You
Chapter 4: The First Command
Chapter 5: Thrashing the Old Dog
Chapter 6: Heaven’s Medicine Pavilion
Chapter 7: Grandmaster Zhu
Chapter 8: Subdued
Chapter 9: Guiding Cultivation
Chapter 10: Healing the Spirit Base
Chapter 11: Fourth Layer of Body Refining Tier!
Chapter 12: Father’s Return
Chapter 13: Ling Dong Xing’s Regret
Chapter 14: Predecessor’s Obsession
Chapter 15: Kneel
Chapter 16: Crawl out of here!
Chapter 17: Cheng Xiang Has Arrived
Chapter 18: Lone Wolf’s Blood
Chapter 19: Trampled Beneath My Feet
Chapter 20: Pill Concoction
Chapter 21: Fifth Layer of Body Refining Tier
Chapter 22: Trouble From Within The Clan
Chapter 23: Thoughtless
Chapter 24: I Have No Such Disciple
Chapter 25: Countering the Cheng Clan
Chapter 26: News of Earth Dragon Grass
Chapter 27: Sword Qi
Chapter 28: Green Spiritual Fruit
Chapter 29: Take a Saber Attack From Me
Chapter 30: Hang Zhan Who Charged Out Midway
Chapter 31: Bow Your Head and Apologize
Chapter 32: Breaking Through to Element Gathering Tier
Chapter 33: Five Elements Origin Nucleus
Chapter 34: Reappearance of the Black Tower
Chapter 35: Ao Feng
Chapter 36: King of Eternal Night
Chapter 37: The Plans of the Cheng Clan
Chapter 38: Battling Cheng Xiao Yuan
Chapter 39: Killed
Chapter 40: Chen Feng Lie Bows His Head
Chapter 41: Ma Lang
Chapter 42: Schemes
Chapter 43: Poisoned
Chapter 44: Battling Ma Lang
Chapter 45: Kill Them All
Chapter 46: Entering Seven Wind Mountains
Chapter 47: Clues
Chapter 48: Den of the Great Snake
Chapter 49: Battling the Dragon Snake
Chapter 50: A Breathtaking Sword
Chapter 51: The Third Young Master of the Feng Clan
Chapter 52: Transcending Origin Pill
Chapter 53: Body of Dead Tree
Chapter 54: Heading Towards Da Yuan City
Chapter 55: Introduction
Chapter 56: Who Wants Your Pill Formula?
Chapter 57: Join the Queue
Chapter 58: Chief Butler
Chapter 59: Attending the Feast
Chapter 60: Sitting Up High
Chapter 61: The First Prince Has Arrived
Chapter 62: Leaving in Anger
Chapter 63: Damn, Hit the Wrong Person
Chapter 64: Effortlessly Controlling the Situation
Chapter 65: Summoned by the Da Yuan King
Chapter 66: Tournament Begins
Chapter 67: Just A Bunch of Sheep
Chapter 68: The Second Battle
Chapter 69: Top Ten
Chapter 70: Son of Heaven Fist Technique
Chapter 71: Spirit Weapon
Chapter 72: Repeatedly Throwing the Match
Chapter 73: Four Flashes of Sword Qi
Chapter 74: The Next Battle
Chapter 75: Battle for the Top
Chapter 76: First Place!
Chapter 77: A Hundred Times
Chapter 78: Wild Girl
Chapter 79: A Slip of the Tongue After Drinking
Chapter 80: Comeback of the Cheng Clan
Chapter 81: The Great Calamity of the Ling Clan
Chapter 82: The Violent Fury of Ling Han
Chapter 83: How do you want to Die?
Chapter 84: Respective Arrival of Helpers
Chapter 85: No More Cheng Clan
Chapter 86: Liu Yu Tong Breaks Through
Chapter 87: Hu Bo
Chapter 88: Becoming Enemies
Chapter 89: Old Demon
Chapter 90: Unwilling to Give up His Evil Intentions
Chapter 91: Entering the Academy
Chapter 92: The Real Storm Pill
Chapter 93: The Fragrant, Smooth, and Tasty Rice Noodle Roll
Chapter 94: The Rice Noodle Roll That Costs Twenty Crystals per Mouthful
Chapter 95: The Imperial City's First Snow
Chapter 96: Who Kidnapped the Little Girl?
Chapter 97: Owner Bu, Do You Feel No Shame
Chapter 98: Obey This Lord Dog's Words, Let Go of That Girl
Chapter 99: Don't Break the Floor Tiles
Chapter 100: The Tsundere Shota
Chapter 101: Is This Human Stupid?
Chapter 102: We Are Here Today to Consult You on Cutting Techniques
Chapter 103: Young Man, Use Your Eye-Blinding Cutting Techniques to Teach Him How to Be a Better Person
Chapter 104: Let Us Compete by Slicing a Hundred Radishes
Chapter 105: The Thousand Layer Tofu Flower
Chapter 106: The Elegance of That Kitchen Knife
Chapter 107: Researching a New Dish
Chapter 108: An Extravagant Sausage
Chapter 109: The High-end, Refined, and Classy Big Dipper Carving Technique
Chapter 110: How Dare You Snatch My Phoenix Blood Herb
Chapter 111: A Woman Who Is More Capable at Causing Trouble Than Owner Bu
Chapter 112: Deep-Fried Wandering Dragon Cow Meat Sausages
Chapter 113: You Are Customers, but It Isn't
Chapter 114: This Is a Secret
Chapter 115: Master, Don't Just Focus on Eating
Chapter 116: Fine Wine, Dragon's Breath
Chapter 117: The Arrival in Force of Experts from the Sects
Chapter 118: Amethyst Heart Orchid and Sky Spirit Abalone
Chapter 119: An Abalone with Its Own Magic Array
Chapter 120: Get Lost All of You, Don't Come and Bother Me
Chapter 121: The Smelly Boss Who Prefers New Over Old?
Chapter 122: This Elder Sister Is So Beautiful, Why Don't You Spare Me a Few More Glances?
Chapter 123: Go Back, Don't Embarrass Yourself Any Further
Chapter 124: Fire Tree Blossoms, Spirit Energy Dish
Chapter 125: You Unfilial Son, Where Do You Think You're Going!
Chapter 126: Amethyst Spirit Abalone Soup
Chapter 127: The Emperor's Posthumous Edict
Chapter 128: Spatial Ring
Chapter 129: Godly Medicine
Chapter 130: Played
Chapter 131: Breaking into the Forbidden Area
Chapter 132: Three Roots
Chapter 133: Fusion
Chapter 134: Return
Chapter 135: Thoroughly Clearing Away the Filth in the Body
Chapter 136: Egg
Chapter 137: Bastard
Chapter 138: Assasination
Chapter 139: Rookie
Chapter 140: The Whole Story
Chapter 141: Drawing Saber in Anger
Chapter 142: Country Bumpkin
Chapter 143: Dance Obediently
Chapter 144: Feng Yan Has Arrived
Chapter 145: Tyrant
Chapter 146: Lady Yan
Chapter 147: Cutting a Carriage in the Middle of the Street
Chapter 148: A Magnificent Pervert
Chapter 149: Retreat
Chapter 150: The Egg Has Hatched
Chapter 151: A Shocking Discovery
Chapter 152: Weird
Chapter 153: Feng Yan's Background
Chapter 154: Zhu Wu Jiu Convinced
Chapter 155: Slander
Chapter 156: Go Earn Money at Heaven's Medicine Pavilion
Chapter 157: Foundation Building Pill
Chapter 158: Concoction
Chapter 159: A Terrifying Pill Completion Rate
Chapter 160: Swapped
Chapter 161: An Evil Soul
Chapter 162: Yan Tian Zhao
Chapter 163: Jin Wuji's Request
Chapter 164: Snobbish Relatives
Chapter 165: Guess Whom We Saw?
Chapter 166: Getting Into Trouble
Chapter 167: Pursuing the Matter
Chapter 168: Hu Niu's Sneaky Kick
Chapter 169: Grandmaster Yuanchu Who Curries Favor
Chapter 170: Unless You Want Grandmaster Fu To Act?
Chapter 171: Treatment
Chapter 172: Blood Sucking Origin Gold
Chapter 173: A State of Enlightenment
Chapter 174: Feng Luo's Act of Violence
Chapter 175: Ling Han's Rage
Chapter 176: Definitely Crippling Him
Chapter 177: The Eldest Imperial Prince Has Arrived
Chapter 178: Mirror Light Body
Chapter 179: Olive Branch
Chapter 180: Eye of Truth
Chapter 181: Promise
Chapter 182: Reflection
Chapter 183: Sun Zi Yan
Chapter 184: Please Go Up to the Third Floor
Chapter 185: Bidding for the Foundation Building Pill
Chapter 186: Swift Cloud Talisman
Chapter 187: Credit Limit of 1 Billion
Chapter 188: Sky-High Price
Chapter 189: Contemplating the Tenth Nucleus
Chapter 190: Force Sale
Chapter 191: The Golden Flower of the Stone
Chapter 192: Going to the Earth and Water Faction for a Walk
Chapter 193: Successfully Gathering a Group
Chapter 194: You Extort Me?
Chapter 195: Barging In
Chapter 196: Paying Compensation?
Chapter 197: Reporting to the Authorities
Chapter 198: Agree to Compensate
Chapter 199: Subduing Guang Yuan
Chapter 200: Lady Yan's Plans
Chapter 201: Probe
Chapter 202: Making a Choice on the Path of Cultivation
Chapter 203: Merging Nine Nuclei
Chapter 204: The Three Styles of Black Origin
Chapter 205: Strong Enough to Defy the Natural Order
Chapter 206: Arrest
Chapter 207: Blind
Chapter 208: Can Ye
Chapter 209: Getting an Underling
Chapter 210: Devil Sky Mystery Realm
Chapter 211: Setting Out
Chapter 212: Feng Luo is Killed
Chapter 213: Little Ye Ye
Chapter 214: Grassy Plains
Chapter 215: Fire-Eyed Bull
Chapter 216: Ten-Way Destruction
Chapter 217: Eliminating with a Single Slash
Chapter 218: Meeting Gu Feng Hua Again
Chapter 219: Implicated
Chapter 220: Vicious and Merciless
Chapter 221: Logbook
Chapter 222: Thousand Corpse Sect
Chapter 223: Silver-Armored Corpse
Chapter 224: A Magnificent Turn
Chapter 225: Turn Against a Friend
Chapter 226: Power of the Bronze Casket
Chapter 227: Liu Yu Tong's Choice
Chapter 228: Forming a Spring
Chapter 229: The Black Tower Opens
Chapter 230: Finding People
Chapter 231: Blurred Vision?
Chapter 232: Take Down
Chapter 233: Feng Yan's Backer
Chapter 234: Interrogation
Chapter 235: A Small Profit
Chapter 236: Thunder River
Chapter 237: Chi Hua Lan
Chapter 238: Evil Demon Tree
Chapter 239: Battling Rong Huan Xuan
Chapter 240: Corpse Rain
Chapter 241: Demonic Qi
Chapter 242: Asura Demon Emperor
Chapter 243: True or False?
Chapter 244: Core of the Array
Chapter 245: Devil Comes Into Being
Chapter 246: Rebirth
Chapter 247: Refining Demonic Qi
Chapter 248: Battling Demon Emperor
Chapter 249: Leaving the Mystery Realm
Chapter 250: Feng Yan Makes Another Move
Chapter 251: Getting Ready
Chapter 252: Persuasion
Chapter 253: The Seventh Imperial Prince
Chapter 254: Going to the Liu Residence
Chapter 255: The Wedding Begins
Chapter 256: Entering the Stage
Chapter 257: Open Confrontation
Chapter 258: Decree of a Spiritual Infant Tier Elite
Chapter 259: Unbroken Sword Intent
Chapter 260: Compel
Chapter 261: Battle of Backgrounds
Chapter 262: Domineering Rain Emperor
Chapter 263: Audience with the Emperor
Chapter 264: Beating
Chapter 265: Setting the Conditions
Chapter 266: Deal
Chapter 267: Hundred Poison Jade Ointment
Chapter 268: News From Both Sides
Chapter 269: Regular Appearances of Monsters
Chapter 270: Birthday Celebration of the Rain Emperor
Chapter 271: Two Great Elites of the Spiritual Ocean Tier
Chapter 272: Niu Built This Road
Chapter 273: Who is the Strongest of the Younger Generation
Chapter 274: Wild Strength Berserk Ape Bloodline
Chapter 275: An Astonishing Hu Niu
Chapter 276: Seven Flashes of Sword Qi
Chapter 277: A Formidable Flower Blossom Tier Appears
Chapter 278: Rain Emperor Strikes Again
Chapter 279: Plans in Days to Come
Chapter 280: Returning to the Gray Cloud Town
Chapter 281: Extracting a Mystical Power
Chapter 282: Fallen Moon Gorge
Chapter 283: Hound to Death
Chapter 284: Entering the Town
Chapter 285: Kill
Chapter 286: You Have No Right to Command Me
Chapter 287: I am Ling Han
Chapter 288: Bet
Chapter 289: Stupefaction
Chapter 290: Pill Formed
Chapter 291: Ousting Strange Fire
Chapter 292: Thousand Corpse Sect Reappears
Chapter 293: Historic Records
Chapter 294: Going Blind
Chapter 295: Two Pieces of News
Chapter 296: Gathered Together at the Small Town
Chapter 297: Prodigies Battle
Chapter 298: Selling Ginseng and Ganoderma
Chapter 299: There’s More After All’s Sold Out.
Chapter 300: An Elite Cultivator Suddenly Appears
Chapter 301: Who Dares to Resist
Chapter 302: Asking Grandmaster Ling to Act
Chapter 303: Two Monsters
Chapter 304: Becoming an Idol
Chapter 305: The Next Step
Chapter 306: Battling the Spiritual Pedestal Tier
Chapter 307: Kill Just the Same
Chapter 308: The Thousand Corpse Sect's Plans
Chapter 309: Ling Han of Two Lives
Chapter 310: Fierce Competition
Chapter 311: An Astonishing Discovery
Chapter 312: Consecutive Successes
Chapter 313: Help Me Eradicate the Winter Moon Sect
Chapter 314: Selling Ginseng and Discussing about Heroes
Chapter 315: You Have A Lot of Hope
Chapter 316: Reappearance of the Cloaked Woman
Chapter 317: Cold Spear Association
Chapter 318: Thunder Battle Armor
Chapter 319: Lord Bao
Chapter 320: Secretly Intervening
Chapter 321: The Examination Begins
Chapter 322: People with the Same Pursuit
Chapter 323: Robbing the Medicinal Garden
Chapter 324: Yellow Dragon Fruit
Chapter 325: Nine-Eyed Beast Wolf
Chapter 326: Fighting a King of Beasts Head-On
Chapter 327: Both Releasing Ultimate Moves
Chapter 328: Analysis
Chapter 329: Slaughter
Chapter 330: Completely Exterminated
Chapter 331: Preparing to Breakthrough
Chapter 332: Two Spiritual Oceans!
Chapter 333: The War Elephant Fist
Chapter 334: Delivering Tokens
Chapter 335: The Seven Sons of Ao Family
Chapter 336: Reexamination
Chapter 337: Polishing the Fist Technique
Chapter 338: Cousin
Chapter 339: Let's Be Friends
Chapter 340: A True Tycoon
Chapter 341: Battling the Seventh Son of Ao Family
Chapter 342: Face-slapping Starts with the Seventh Oldest
Chapter 343: Fifth Oldest
Chapter 344: Little Overlord Spear
Chapter 345: The Final Battle
Chapter 346: Crafty
Chapter 347: Defeating Ao Xing Lai
Chapter 348: Worming Facts
Chapter 349: False Accusation
Chapter 350: Killed with a Single Slash
Chapter 351: Ao Feng Appears
Chapter 352: Punishment Decided
Chapter 353: Cripple
Chapter 354: Who's Better at Picking Up Girls
Chapter 355: Information about Mother
Chapter 356: Memory Crystal
Chapter 357: Zi Xue Xian
Chapter 358: Everything Was A Lie
Chapter 359: Unsealing the Battle Armor
Chapter 360: A Ghostly Manor?
Chapter 361: Going Underground
Chapter 362: Secret of the Duan Clan
Chapter 363: Great Battle Against the Corpse Soldiers
Chapter 364: The Battle Armour Shows Its Might
Chapter 365: Imitation Demonic Noise Saber
Chapter 366: Leaving Sea Breeze City
Chapter 367: Duan Zheng Zhi's Pursuit to Kill
Chapter 368: A Way
Chapter 369: Battling Again
Chapter 370: Killing Duan Zheng Zhi
Chapter 371: Open Shop
Chapter 372: An Exorbitant Demand
Chapter 373: Total Knock Out
Chapter 374: Gong Letian
Chapter 375: Thick-Skinned
Chapter 376: North Region's Prodigy Roll
Chapter 377: Counting Prodigies
Chapter 378: Exchanging Spirit Fruits
Chapter 379: Zhu Xuan Er
Chapter 380: Bone Forming Pill
Chapter 381: Causing a Disturbance Again
Chapter 382: Rammed Into a Wall
Chapter 383: Aid the Fight
Chapter 384: Provisos
Chapter 385: Formation Master
Chapter 386: Exchange For Formations
Chapter 387: Studying Formations
Chapter 388: Targeted
Chapter 389: A Minor Conflict
Chapter 390: You're Tricking Me?
Chapter 391: A Clean Sweep
Chapter 392: Three Feet Iron Body
Chapter 393: Ice Fire Gourd Valley
Chapter 394: Encountering Ao Feng Again
Chapter 395: Battling The Great Snake
Chapter 396: Chaos Origin Source
Chapter 397: Blood Light House Changes Master
Chapter 398: Heavenly Luck Stone
Chapter 399: White-Robed Sword King
Chapter 400: Sword Emperor the Second?
Chapter 401: Untended Willow
Chapter 402: Elder Nine Clouds
Chapter 403: Spirit Grass Appears
Chapter 404: Initial Success on Formations
Chapter 405: Attracting Hatred Again
Chapter 406: Fighting With a Twig
Chapter 407: Battling Ding Yuan Xin
Chapter 408: The Eighth Flash of Sword Qi
Chapter 409: Golden Blood Demonic Ape
Chapter 410: Not Foolish
Chapter 411: Obtaining the Heavenly Luck Stone
Chapter 412: Rain Emperor Reappears
Chapter 413: Collapsed Mountain Reveals Demonic River
Chapter 414: Primal Chaos Source Rock
Chapter 415: Merging of the Demonic Body
Chapter 416: Terribly Conned
Chapter 417: Finding A Sparring Partner
Chapter 418: Path of the Strongest
Chapter 419: Refining the Heavenly Luck Stone
Chapter 420: Battering Away
Chapter 421: Thrashing a Dog
Chapter 422: Obtaining the Spiritual Herb
Chapter 423: Battling Yao Hui Yue
Chapter 424: A Narrow Victory
Chapter 425: Return to Extreme Yang City
Chapter 426: Tiandu Thunder Star Array
Chapter 427: Stomping onto Ji De Rong
Chapter 428: Finding Shui Gu Cheng Again
Chapter 429: Capturing to Work
Chapter 430: Special Training
Chapter 431: Zhu Xuan'er's Younger Brother
Chapter 432: Results of the Special Training
Chapter 433: Registration Begins
Chapter 434: Testing Battle Prowess
Chapter 435: Hu Niu's Battle Prowess
Chapter 436: Ling Han's Battle Prowess
Chapter 437: Knockout Battles
Chapter 438: End of the Ranking Battles
Chapter 439: Big News
Chapter 440: Enter the Spiritual Pedestal Tier
Chapter 441: Where Did She Experience the Dao Injury?
Chapter 442: Ascending the Stage and Participating in Battle
Chapter 443: An Easy Victory
Chapter 444: Lu Yang's Strongest Move
Chapter 445: Qualifying for the Finals
Chapter 446: Fierce Battle with the Masked Man
Chapter 447: The Key was Snatched
Chapter 448: Battle Royale
Chapter 449: The Origins of Yan Tian Zhao
Chapter 450: The Dust has Settled
Chapter 451: A Noble from the Middle State
Chapter 452: The Descendant of A Disciple
Chapter 453: A Heaven Grade Alchemist, So What?
Chapter 454: Opening the Furnace and Concocting Pills
Chapter 455: Appearance of the Pill Tribulation
Chapter 456: Heaven Grade Alchemist, Ling Han!
Chapter 457: Arrangements for Various Matters
Chapter 458: Arriving at the Mysterious Valley
Chapter 459: East Region's Prodigy
Chapter 460: The Powerful Wen Yi Jian
Chapter 461: Punishment
Chapter 462: Entering the Mystery Realm
Chapter 463: Rock Spirit
Chapter 464: The Tenth Flash of Sword Qi
Chapter 465: Rock Spirit Advances
Chapter 466: Subduing the Rock Spirit
Chapter 467: A Special Formation
Chapter 468: Bone Patterns
Chapter 469: Fishing
Chapter 470: Killing Spree
Chapter 471: A Great Beast Appears
Chapter 472: Rock Spirit Performs
Chapter 473: Dare to Rob Me?
Chapter 474: Lakebed Edifice
Chapter 475: Divine Temple
Chapter 476: Blood-Sucking Bugs
Chapter 477: In the Name of the Masses