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410 Extra Chapter 12

"Hup!" Sylvie swung down her katana onto the dungeon orb. After destroying the dungeon orb did she finally get teleported out of the dungeon. However, she made sure to take all the treasures there were so she could sell it for money later.

"Whew, finally finished with that. The sun is almost setting. I guess it's time for me to head back now." Sylvie muttered to herself as she started walking back to the inn. She took her time as she was mentally exhausted from killing goblins over and over.

By the time she reached the city gates again, she was half dead. It was like she could be toppled over by an ant at any time. She was about to fall asleep due to exhaustion.

"Little girl, are you alright?" The guard who they had paid the toll to enter asked when he saw her.

"Eghh..." Sylvie groaned a bit before yawning lightly. She then turned upwards to look at the guard who had called her.

"I am alright. I just need to sleep, thank you though." Sylvie said as she walked past him.

"Oh alright... Be safe though! A little girl like you shouldn't be walking around in the midst of night!" The guard said as he watched her disappear. He couldn't leave his job to escort her back to her inn, thus, he could only pray she got back safely.


"Oh my god. I think my arms are going to fall off." Sam said as he smashed the dungeon orb into bits and pieces with his hammer.

"I think I am going to die in general... This is so tiring... I think I already depleted all my mana..." Ariana said as she plopped down onto the floor the moment they finished.

After a while, they were finally teleported back outside of the dungeon. Sam had used earth magic to surround all the treasures so he could bring it back later.

"Time to go back now I guess." Sam said as he used some more mana to produce a carriage made out of the earth.

The two finally got an easy ride back to the gates as they could relax their fatigued body. And of course, the guard was just there confused.

'Why are those teens coming back all so fatigued? What did they even do? Hopefully they also make it back in peace since it is the night after all...' The guard thought as he shook his head before letting them in. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.


"Ha... Ha... Ha..." Benji breathed heavily as he slumped against a wall. His entire body was in pain due to the amount of goblins he had to slay.

"IMA DIE!!!" Maria screamed near him as she laid flat on the ground breathing roughly.

"All you did was literally use water ball! How are you physically tired!?" Benji said as he looked at her.

"So? I still have to wave my staff around a bit! That makes me tired! Hmph!" Maria retorted as she started whining a bit more.

"Oh my god, let's just go back already. I forgot the goblins that die outside the dungeon don't disappear after the dungeon is cleared. The stench here is so awful." Benji said as he got off from the floor and immediately started running back to the city.

"Ah? Hey wait up! Why are you running away so quickly! Come back for this miss!" Maria shouted as she saw him disappear into the distance. She then got up too and started running for him as she didn't want to be left out in the forest alone in the dark.

Of course, they too, also ran past the guard at the gates. Who looked at them dumbfoundedly.

'Another pair too... Why are they so exhausted? Just what are they doing out there in the forest? Or were they just racing? Since they all came from opposite directions...' The guard thought to himself.

'Hopefully they'll get back to the inn safely as well...' The guard thought to himself once more.

"Hey man, what are you doing? You keep thinking to yourself a lot..." His partner asked him.

"Oh nothing... I was just wondering why those kids are coming back all exhausted and stuff. Like it's almost night too... Were they perhaps hunting out in the forest for money since they are living in this city now?" The guard asked him.

"Hopefully not... There are too many goblins here as of late. It would be too dangerous to hunt without an entire group of twenty." His partner said as he immediately denied that.

"Oh speak of the devil, here comes the last pair." The guard said as he looked at Elise and Lance from afar.



The dungeon orb was shattered into pieces as it was pierced by Elise's arrow from afar. The two had done it effortlessly as Lance took care of the ones in the front while Elise took care of the ones from behind.

The two had cleared out the dungeon pretty quickly but had to take a while to take all the treasure before breaking the crystal orb. As they did not have dimensional storage like Sylvie, or earth magic like Sam.

They also did not have enough storage bags like Maria. Which caused them to decide which ones were better to keep while using their appraisal.

"It's time to head back. We've been looking through these treasures for too long." Lance said.

"Yeah, let's go." Elise agreed as the two went back to the city gates.

They greeted the guards at the gate before walking back to the inn nonchalantly.

"That was odd, how come those two werent tired at all? Compared to the others it was if they were only on a stroll?" The guard asked his partner.

"Who knows, just let those kids do what they do. Since they got here from the forest they must know some bits of self defense anyway." The partner said as he reminded him of how they got into the city.

"You're right... I guess I have been overthinking too much. I'll just leave it be." The guard said.


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