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407 Extra Chapter 9

"So, what are the benefits for us if we accept this deal?" The master of the Commercial Guild asked Sam as they sat face to face.

"Well simple, you'll be able to gain 20% more resources from us. I already know you all are struggling from defending yourselves against those goblins that had started to roam around in the forest. Sooner or later, they'll end up wanting to claim this entire city." Sam said as he looked at him.

"Besides, your military doesn't really look that great either. And I know you definitely can't put your trust into those adventurers as they are too much of a coward. Otherwise, those goblins would've been gone a long time ago. I assume the higher-ranked adventurers probably have fled this city." Sam said as he looked at the master of the Commercial Guild with a smirk on his face.

"How will you be able to guarantee that the resources we get will allow us to repel the goblins?" The master of the Commercial Guild asked.

"Simple, we'll provide you with an extermination squad." Sam said as he looked at him.

"What if they get annihilated instead? Wouldn't that cause the goblins to have confidence in beating us and start their assault right away?" The master of the Commercial Guild asked Sam.

"Annihilation? There's no way such a thing is possible with only goblins. They're an S-ranked party, how could that ever happen? Maybe if it was a dragon or something of the sort. But only goblins? That's simply a joke in their eyes." Sam said as he looked at the master of the Commercial Guild.

"Sigh, you of the royal capital have too many strong people. You all should just give us some of your men. We don't have it good out here in these rural places. We even had to construct such a big wall to protect ourselves." The master of the Commercial Guild said as he sighed.

"I'll agree. I'll sign it, however, we hope you can get rid of those goblins as soon as possible." He said as he looked at Sam.

"No problem, we'll get rid of them within this month." Sam said as he took his leave.

"Alright, we will pray you all can do it. Otherwise, I think we may have to fight to our deaths to protect this city." He said as he watched Sam leave.

After waiting for Sam to leave did he finally let out a long sigh.

"It's not as simple as it seems... We had a party of B-ranked adventurers with 1 A-ranked adventurer go already... However, they have yet to return. I assume they are already dead... It is truly more of a difficult task than just goblins..." He muttered to himself before looking through documents and files.


"Phew..." Benji gave out a breath of relief as he had finally defeated a master of the dojo.

"It's getting late. I will have to go now." Benji said as he looked at the sun which had started to set.

"We will welcome you anytime boy." The old man said as he looked at Benji who left the dojo.

"Ow... Who was that guy? His punches and kicks were so painful... It was like it was to kill something." The master who had been defeated by him said as he tried to get up painfully.

"Obviously someone who has been fighting a lot without any training. He's basically taught himself how to fight." The old man said as he watched the back of the young boy disappear into the distance. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"So he's not joining our dojo?" The master asked.

"He cannot. He is an adventurer who travels. Him joining the dojo would make him be tied down and thus being unable to travel around freely. Those who become adventurers are only those who seek fame. money, or freedom. It seems he is one who seeks for freedom." The old man said as he started walking back to his private quarters of the dojo.

"Grandmaster, what are you going to do?" The master asked as he watched the old man go back to his private quarters.

"I am going back to seclusion. I will be trying to improve my power once more. After seeing that young boy fight, I cannot help but have the itch to fight him when he is much stronger." The old man said as he disappeared from the master's sight.

"Sigh... Truly is a disappointment. If he joined our dojo, our dojo would've risen into fame even more. And then we would be able to defeat all the other dojos..." The master said as he went back to train his personal disciples.


"Too bad they didn't know that the benefits we are gaining will be far greater than theirs. After cleaning out those goblins, the entire mountains and forests around this city will be ours. So much abundant resources will be found for us..." Sam said as he went towards the inn where they had all gotten a room at.

"All I gotta do now is wait for them to come back and tell them about it. Hopefully, they don't have any other plans to contradict my plan..." Sam muttered to himself.


"Oh, welcome back Sam. How was everything at the Commercial Guild?" Chad asked as he was on his bed.

"Everything went alright." Sam said as he walked into the room.

"Are they back yet?" He asked Chad.

"Nope, you're the first one to come back. They should be coming back soon though." Chad said.

"Yeah, I am back." Benji said as he walked into the room as well with Lance followed behind him. The two had met on their way back coincidentally.

"What about the girls?" Chad asked them.

"They're on their way back. They were purchasing clothing. So they'll be back within a few minutes." Benji said.

"Alright, that's great. I have some plans for us when we're here then." Sam said.

"What a coincidence, I do too." Lance said.

"Us too!" Sylvie said as she entered their room too, followed by Elise and the other girls.


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