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406 Extra Chapter 8

"Why are there so many goblin subjugation quests here... Oh, ma lord." Sylvie complained as she looked through all the missions.

"Maybe there is a goblin dungeon around here or something. And the goblins are expanding their territories in preparation for war? Besides, the adventurers here look so weak..." Elise said as she continued looking through the mission board. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Yeah... That would be fun though. I can go watch those adventurers die. They dared to think we were that weak. Hmph!" Sylvie pouted as she imagined them dying in the war between goblins and humans.

"Sylvie... You shouldn't want people to die... You're showing your dark side..." Elise said as she looked at her.

"But they deserve it!" Sylvie complained as she looked at Elise with a sad expression on her face.

"Of course they deserve it, but you shouldn't wish for their death. Here, look. There is an escort mission. Apparently there will be 4 other parties with us. We're crossing the Lurking Waters of Death." Elise said as she picked a mission from the mission board and gave it to Sylvie.

"Mmm... Let's just take this. They need to learn how to fight on the water anyway. They can't use ranged attacks like us. Well, they can... However, they still need to learn how to fight using their weapons on the water just in case." Sylvie said as she was too tired of looking at goblin subjugation missions.

"Alright, let's go then." Elise said as she and Sylvie went down back to the first floor to apply for the mission they were going to take.

"Mmm..." Sylvie nodded as she followed behind Elise silently.


"Oh look, the two girls are back. I wonder what mission they are taking on." The adventurers in the first level said as they saw Elise and Sylvie who had came down from the 2nd floor.

Hearing these comments, Sylvie and Elise didn't care as they just went to the receptionist's desk. They merely placed the mission down on the counter without saying anything as they didn't want to have to start speaking to the adventurers.

"May I see your ID cards?" The receptionist asked as he needed them to scan in the mission they would take.

"Here you go. Put the mission on the entire party." Sylvie said as she gave him her red ID card that was indicating her Rank-A status in the Adventurer's Guild.

"Alright. Your mission has been accepted. Your party is now registered for the mission. Your client will be here in a week. So until then, please wait." The receptionist said as he gave Sylvie back her ID card.

"Alright, goodbye." Sylvie said as she left with Elise.

"Just who were those girls... They actually had a red ID card. That means they were higher ranked than us the entire time!" The adventurers in the first floor cried out as they watched the girls leave.

"Wait, didn't they say on the party? What if they're just getting boosted by other A-ranked adventurers, thus causing their ranks to be higher?" Others started to say as they grew disdain and contempt towards Sylvie and Elise.

"It would be appreciated if you didn't slander people in this guild. You should already know that you get tested to become a higher rank at B-rank and higher. Otherwise, you get it from doing some good deeds that are of higher ranks." The receptionist said as he glared at those that were defaming Sylvie and Elise.

"Ugh..." The adventurers groaned as they knew it was true. Thus, they could not refute his claims and could only throw away their contempt and ideas of the girls being boosted.

Thus, they slowly drifted their conversations away from the two girls as they did not want to be yelled at by the receptionist again. After a while, the guild finally returned to normal as everyone forgot about the girls after drinking.


"Alright then. I'll try to see if I can find these types of materials." Lance said as he looked at the blacksmith.

"I'll be waiting for your return then. I'll see if I can maybe craft a semi-legendary katana for you when you bring me those materials." The man said as he watched Lance go and prayed for the best.

"No worries, my friends will be accompanying me anyway. They are pretty lucky and good at finding stuff." Lance said as he waved him goodbye before leaving the shop.

"Sigh... Those are really difficult materials to attain though... It doesn't matter how lucky you are, you'd need to fight a wyvern... Possibly even a dragon." The man sighed as he watched Lance leave.

"Master, do you think he'll be able to get the materials?" Ryena asked.

"I have no idea, all we can do is pray. If not, I don't think I'll be able to craft a semi-legendary weapon my entire life." The man said as he went back to the blacksmith.

"Are you really trusting him to get those materials master!?" Andy asked as he looked at the man.

"Yes Andy, I will be trusting him. He looks and sounds like a trustworthy man after all. The looks in his eyes tell me that his will. will never waver. He's already dead set onto accomplishing the task. All we can do is pray he'll come back alive and well for him to be able to use the katana." The man said as he went into the room.

"Ryena, are you really going to put your trust into him too?" Andy asked her.

"Of course, if master believes in him. I'll believe in him as well!" The girl said as she looked at him.

"Tch..." Andy just went behind the counter as he started reading his book to remove his anger.

'How could they believe in somebody that had insulted their own work... They also would've killed me too! I've been disgraced too much! I hope he dies on the task. It would be better for me.' The boy thought inside his head.