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404 Extra Chapter 7

"Here is the  Adventurer's Guild!" Maria said as she looked at the building.

"Wowie! It's pretty big!" Sylvie said as she looked at it.

"Now that I think about it. Didn't we completely forget about Maal?" Ariana said as she looked at the group.

"..." Everyone paused as they just realized that... They left their precious cat back at the dormitories before they left... She would surely get extremely angry with them when they came back. They better prepare for the worst.

"I'll be giving her fish when we get back." Elise said as she looked at the group.

"I'll give her some cuddling." Sylvie said as she looked at the others.

"Wait! What about us?! What will we do?!" Ariana and Maria cried out as they didn't really know anything else Maal liked.

"Well... Good luck you two." Sylvie said as she prayed for them.

"I don't know, just find a way to satisfy her... Or just pin the blame on the guys. That could also possibly work." Elise said as she looked at them.

"Ugh... We can only pray that goes right... Otherwise, we may even anger her even more..." Maria said as she looked at the sky.

"She's really scary... The moment I see her fingernails turn into claws, I will be running first. Just so you know you can go off and be the bait." Ariana said as she patted Maria's shoulder.

"I thought you were a holy priestess type of person! Why would you sacrifice me!? Did you end up becoming a demonic priestess!?" Maria cried out as she looked at her friend who had thoughts of betraying her.

"One must live in order to help others. I have decided that I would live instead of you. Maybe her anger will be satisfied once she's done with you." Ariana said as she could only hope for the best.

"Hey!!! Get back here!" Maria said as she started chasing Ariana who was running around.

"Never! You're definitely going to offer me as a sacrifice to Maal! I don't want that!" Ariana cried out as she started running away from Maria. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Say Elise." Sylvie said as she nudged at Elise's arm.

"What is it Sylvie?" Elise said as she turned around to look down at Sylvie who was still short.

"You want to just go find a mission in the Adventurer's Guild while they're doing that? They'll probably deny our choices if they come with us anyway..." Sylvie said as she looked at her.

"Yeah, let's go do that. They will probably want us to take some C-ranked mission that will make me bored." Elise said as she opened the doors to the Adventurer's Guild and walked in with Sylvie.

What the two girls walked into where boisterous people who were eating and talking to each other. Many of them turned to look at the door when it happened. They were stunned by the appearance of a cute little girl and a pretty looking lady.

Some even tried to invite Elise and Sylvie to their table to have fun and talk to. Some even tried to try to add them to their party. However, the two quickly denied them as they went to look at the available missions.

"What mission should we go for this time?" Sylvie asked Elise.

"Preferably something around A tier. Otherwise, it will just be boring." Elise said as she was scanning through the board.

"What are you girls looking at? This board isn't the one that contains D-ranked missions." Some people said as they looked at them.

"We aren't looking for D-ranked missions." Sylvie said as she looked at them.

"Oh, sorry. The F-ranked missions are over there little girly." The adventurers corrected themselves.

"Screw you, let's go Elise. The missions here aren't the ones we need." Sylvie said as she grabbed Elise's hand before walking to the second floor where the more difficult missions were.

"You can't go up there without being a B-ranked adventurer or above girls!" The adventurers said as they saw the two try to go up to the second floor.

"Too bad!" Sylvie said as she went up to the 2nd floor.

"Aren't you going to do something to stop them?" The adventurers said as they looked at the receptionist who was a staff member of the guild.

"What am I supposed to do?" The receptionist looked at them.

"You're supposed to stop them! You stop us, how come you don't stop them? Are you sexist?" The adventurers asked.

"I literally stop females too. What are you talking about?" The receptionist asked them puzzledly.

"Two young girls just went up there! They aren't even B-ranked adventurers yet. You know what, since you let them go up there, I'll go too!" An adventurer said as he attempted to make his way up the stairs to the 2nd floor.

"Oh sorry, you can not pass. You are not a B-ranked adventurer or above yet. Please stay at this floor until you are of such status." The receptionist suddenly said as he immediately appeared in front of the adventurer.

"Cut the crap! You literally let those two go up! Why didn't you stop them too?" The adventurer cried out as he looked at the man angrily.

"Because they are of such status that I allow them to go up there." The receptionist said as he looked at them.

"There wasn't any indication of such things! I've never seen them here either! You're clearly lying to me!" The adventurer shouted at the receptionist.

"Are you doubting my judgement right now? I have the power to revoke your hunting license you know." The receptionist said as he glared at the adventurer.

"Ugh! I will be contacting the higher-ups of your conduct! You are clearly being biased!" The adventurer said as he pointed at the receptionist.

"You should've looked at their hands more carefully you drunks. They obviously had an A-ranked ID card. Did you not see the color red on their ID card?" The receptionist said as he looked at them all.

"Ugh..." The adventurers groaned as they could not refute him. He was entirely correct, they were indeed holding something red. However, they had neglected it for something else as they were too engrossed in trying to get their attention.


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