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402 Extra Chapter 5

"Hmm... Apparently there are multiple dojos in this city... And they're all at each other's neck competing for the number one spot... Now that sounds fun, if they're constantly fighting each other, that means they are getting stronger more quickly!" Benji said as he decided to go North to fight against the first dojo.

After asking and looking around for directions, Benji finally found an extravagantly built dojo. He was looking at it until he read what was on the plate.

"Martial Art's Dojo Of The North." Benji muttered as he read the name of the dojo.

"Ohhoho! Is this a young admirer of the dojo?" An old voice suddenly came from his right.

"Er no. I am not really an admirer of the dojo... I just arrived in the city you see." Benji said as he turned around to look at the old man.

"Oh... What a pity, looking at your physique and body, it looks as if you have honed yourself to a really high degree. It would make you even stronger if you joined the dojo you know. We provide lessons on how to fight and survive in this world." The old man said as he attempted to acquire the young boy into his dojo.

"Sorry, I really can't. I came here with a group of friends and we don't live near here at all. We are just here for a couple of days maybe weeks to explore. We are travelers, after all, you see. So I can't really join a dojo which will restrain me." Benji said as he tried to reason with the old man.

"I see... That really is a pity indeed. So may I ask why you are here? Surely you aren't here to just admire the dojo or join it since you have said so yourself." The old man said as he looked at Benji.

"I came here to challenge the dojo." Benji said as he looked at the old man.

"And why would you do that? There are 3 other dojos, why did you choose us?" The old man asked him as he snorted. Clearly thinking in his head, 'This young brat thinks we are some mere pushovers and wants to try to take us down? Don't even think about it!'

"So I can measure my power compared to others. The only people I've really only been able to fight were my group of friends and monsters. Thus, I don't really have a clear understanding of my prowess when compared to other people in the world." Benji said as he looked at the man.

"I see, then follow me. We have a certain location for people who are here to challenge the dojo." The old man said as he turned and walked into the dojo.

'At least he's only trying to find out where he stands in the martial arts society... If he were to say that he was here so he can prove how strong he was... I would immediately show him his place, too many brats like that have been popping up recently. It's starting to aggravate me a lot that I might go back into seclusion.' The old man thought as he opened the shoji sliding door.

"Come in, these are our newly accepted disciples." The old man said as he let Benji in.

As Benji entered the room, he was met with young teenagers like himself who were in fighting stances and giving out punches and kicks. They may look like people who could fight from a normal person's perspective. However, from Benji's perspective, all he saw were kids who were just throwing out weak punches and kicks.

"As long as you can beat one of them, I will allow you to challenge intermediate disciples. Then after you beat them, I will allow you to challenge advanced disciples. From there it will go something like core disciples, to personal disciples. Then after that, you are allowed to challenge a master, if you manage to beat all the masters, you are then allowed to challenge the headmaster. It is a pretty long process." The old man said as he stroked his long white beard.

"Yeah... Can I just go challenge one right now? Since I don't really have much time here anyway. And my friends probably found a mission from the Adventurer's Guild. So I'll probably be gone for the next few days or so." Benji said as he looked at the old man.

"Fine by me. Students of the Martial Art's Dojo of the North!" The old shouted as he looked at the disciples.

"Grandmaster!" The students replied as they all bowed at him.

"This boy here has come to challenge this dojo. Which one of you will be brave enough to face off against him to defend our reputation!?" The old man said as he looked at the disciples. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"I'll go against him!" A disciple said amongst those who were discussing amongst each other to see who would go up first.

"Good! What is your name!" The old man nodded in approval as he looked at the disciple who braved himself and volunteered.

"My name is Taku grandmaster!" The disciple said as he bowed at the old man.

"Good! You will be facing off against the challenger! Challenger, what is your name? One must know your name if you are challenging." The old man said as he looked at Benji.

"Benji." Benji said as he got onto the mat and got into a fighting stance.

Taku naturally did the same as he walked over to the mat and also got into the dojo's fighting style. After the old man saw how the disciple's form was, he nodded.

'Great form for a beginner!' He thought inside his head.

"Are both fighters ready?" The old man asked.

"Ready!" They both said in unison.

" Then let's hurry up and start the match. Begin!" The old man said as he let the two fight.


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