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399 Extra Chapter 2

"Ah. This city is so big." Sylvie said as she was walking down the street with the girls. The boys had gone off on their own to do something else as they didn't want to go shopping with the girls.

"Wait I've been wondering... Doesn't this city have a teleportation crystal? Why did we walk all the way here?" Maria asked as she looked at the group.

"I completely forgot there was a teleportation crystal here." Ariana said as she scratched her cheeks embarrassedly.

"I wanted to walk through the forest." Elise replied.

"I didn't even do any research on this city!" Sylvie replied enthusiastically.

"Oh, what am I going to do with you all... I don't think I can live being with you girls anymore... It's like we're going to go into that dungeon and you'll all forget about something important..." Maria muttered as she walked dazedly questioning about life.

"What was that?" Sylvie asked her.

"Oh, nothing at all! Don't worry about it. How about we enter this store?" Maria said as she pointed at a jewelry store. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Sure! I think my mother wants some more jewelry." Sylvie said as she went into the store with the group.


"Welcome, how many I help you ladies today?" A worker there said as she looked at them.

"Mmm, we will just go look around for a bit. And see if there is anything we like if that is alright with you." Maria said as she looked back at her.

"Accessories are that way. Antiques are that way." The worker said as she pointed in two different directions.

"Thanks!" Sylvie and Ariana said as they went towards the accessories side so they could buy gifts for their family.

Meanwhile, Maria and Elise went towards the antique section so they could find if there was anything useful for them.

"Uwaah! Look at all these pretty pieces of jewelry!" Sylvie exclaimed as she looked at them with stars in her eyes.

"I know! I wonder how expensive they are for them to look this good." Ariana said as she also looked at the pieces of jewelry.

"Well if there is anything. We can always buy them and then ask Sam for more money!" Sylvie said as she planned on making use of Sam as much as she could.

"Do you really only think of him as a money-making device?" Ariana asked her.

"I mean, he's a good tank too. And he has some brain problems, but recently he's getting smarter. So he's alright I suppose." Sylvie said as she had some time to think about it.

"Is that so?" Ariana said as she was looking at a necklace.

"Do you think this will be good on my mother?" Ariana asked Sylvie as she pointed at it.

"If you think so go for it. Nothing is stopping you!" Sylvie said happily.

"I think I'll get a necklace for my mother too." Sylvie added as she looked at a glistening necklace in front of her.

"Alright, this is all I'm getting. Let's go back to the cashier." Ariana said as she took the necklace.

"Yeah, I want to go browse the antique section too." Sylvie said as she got the necklace too.

"Alright then, let's go make the purchase." Ariana said as she went towards the cashier before putting the necklace on the counter.

"That will be five platinum coins for both of them." The cashier said as she looked at the two.

"Here you go." Sylvie said as she placed five platinum coins onto the counter.

"Thank you for your purchase." The cashier said as she watched the two go towards the antique section.

"Your welcome!" Sylvie said as she went to find Maria and Elise.


"This is an interesting vase." Maria said.

"Why are you even looking at vases?" Elise said as she was looking at amulets and etcetera

"Because maybe they have some magic function. Like what if this vase could store water in it or something?" Maria said as she remembered the old stories her family had told her once.

"Wasn't it the one about the person who had a vase that could shoot out water or something? And that it was really strong?" Elise said as she has also heard of the legend before.

"Yeah!" Maria nodded.

"Heyyy! What are you two looking at?" Sylvie asked them.

"Oh, I am just looking at this vase." Maria said as she pointed at it.

"Let's see. Appraisal!" Sylvie said as she closed her eyes before opening it again.


- Appraisal - 

Item : Water Storage Vase

Effects : -10SPD +200MP

Description : A mimic of the legendary vase that could store an infinite amount of water and be used to unleash torrents of waves. Even though it is not as strong as the legendary vase, it is still able to store a month worth of water while keeping it purified.


"Oh, it's a mimic of the legendary vase. It's able to store a whole month of water while keeping it purified. You can't really use it for an attack I think..." Sylvie said as she looked at Maria.

"Oh! But we kinda already have water magic so that's kinda useless..." Maria said as she thought about it.

"I guess there isn't really anything good in the antique section." Ariana said.

"Well... You girls know what time it is now..." Maria said.

"Time to buy some new clothes!" The girls said in sync as Sylvie hurriedly left the store while Elise just looked at them.

"Sylvie get back here!" Maria cried out as she saw her leave.

"We'll catch her eventually. She does need new clothes anyway." Ariana said as she held Maria down.

"What she said was right. We'd probably meet her in the store anyway. Anyway, let's go find a clothing store first. I need some more leather gear anyway." Elise said.

"Alright then. Let's go! What are we waiting for! There are multiple shops we need to visit!" Maria said as she dragged the two of them out of the store.


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