"IF I HAVE TO DIE LIKE THIS! I MIGHT AS WELL END IT RIGHT NOW!" The demon gave out a roar as his body started to inflate.

"What is he doing!?" Claude asked as he watched the demon inflate his body.

"Oh no! He's going to self destruct! With that amount of mana inside him, he's going to set off a really big explosion!" Laura said as she realized what he was doing.

"We must stop him then!" The king said as he looked at the demon.

"It is too late! Hahaha! You all shall perish with me!" The demon laughed.

"Crystal Magic Barrier!" Laura said as she casted a barrier to surround the demon.

"This will only help reduce the damages the explosion may bring!" Laura said as she looked at the rest.

"Ugh!" Sylvie's voice came out from right under the demon.

"What's going on..." Sylvie said as she held herself before sitting up.

"Sylvie!" Laura cried out as she realized how close her daughter was to the man.

"Okaasan?" Sylvie said as she looked towards her mother.

"Get out of there! Hurry up!" Laura shouted as she looked at her daughter.

"Too late! Let your daughter be engulfed by this explosion!" The demon laughed as he realized he would definitely be able to kill somebody.

"Devil's Magic: Self Destruction." The demon said before a loud explosion sound was heard.

"SYLVIE!!!" Laura cried out as she watched as the explosion engulfed her daughter.

"SYLVIE!" Claude cried out as he watched his only daughter disappear in front of his eyes.

"SYLVIE!!!!!" Elise and the others cried out as they covered themselves using magic from the explosion.

"SH**! Is this what the destruction I sensed was?!" The king cried out as he covered himself using magic.

The group all waited for the dust to go away as they looked at the spot where Sylvie was originally at. Laura immediately came over to that spot, however, all she saw was nothing...

"..." Laura didn't say anything as she was on her knees as she held the spot where her daughter originally was.

Everyone was feeling the same emotions she was feeling, they all knew her well. Including the king who she usually played pranks on when she was young. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"S-Sylvie..." Maria muttered weakly as tears started to overflow.

"God damn it..." Claude cried as he sat against a wall while covering up his face.

"..." The king only had a downcast expression, as he was used to too many deaths. He wouldn't cry over death like this. As a king, he had to give up his emotions.

'How could this be though? Not even an ash of hers remained... Not even a single piece of clothing...' The king thought inside his head.

'This wasn't how it was supposed to go? At least, not in the stories I've read...' He thought again.

"We shall have a funeral for her then... The highest level one can receive." The king said in the silence which finally brought everyone down into tears, as he had said what they had not wanted to hear the most.

The fact that she had died in front of their eyes...


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