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390 Devil“s Incarnate

Claude after saying that didn't let the man take the initiative anymore. He ran and started to slash at the man.




However, due to the intensive power up the man had received. He was able to block all of Claude's attack. Albeit, he was taking little damage which would build up over time.

"Is that all you got?!" The man said as he laughed at Claude while blocking off an incoming attack. However, in the inside, he was actually sweating.

'How can this man be so powerful! I have absolute strength, yet how is he still being able to inflict damage upon me?!' The man thought inside his head not showing any pain on the outside.

'Sh*t! As long as I can get his daughter, I'll have a way to escape.' The man thought inside his head as his eyes trailed towards where Laura was before spotting Sylvie.

"Keep your eyes on the battle, fool." Claude said as he got a slash on the man's shoulder leaving a huge wound.

"Aghhh!" The man cried out as he jumped back distancing himself from Claude by a lot. Placing his hand over his injury, he started to heal it up using mana.

"Haa! You b*st*rd! I'll make sure I torture your family until they want to die!" The man cried out as he went berserk with his eyes turning redder than it already is.

" Devil's Incarnate: Body Takeover! " The man said as he willingly let himself get possessed by the devil so he could win the fight. However, little did he know, he had just killed himself as the devil consumed his body and soul after he casted the spell.

"Hmmm! It feels nice to have a body to move in again. For all I have been doing was drifting in my soul form." A different voice came out of the man, in a menacing tone.

"So he really gave himself up to the devil huh? You really chose someone that was so easily gullible that he even willingly gave you his soul and body without knowing of the consequences." Claude said as he looked at the man-no, the devil who was in the man. The Devil's Incarnate.

"So you're a high-demon huh?" Claude said as he looked at the man.

"Correct... Now those are some fresh bodies that deserved to be reaped over there..." The devil said as he looked at Sylvie's group which Laura was guarding. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Don't even think about touching them." Claude said as he got on the aggressive side again.

"Woah there! Are you sure you are even human?" The devil said as he dodged Claude's swing.

"I am human alright." Claude said as she slashed again.

"You must've drunken some dragon blood then." The devil said as he looked at Claude before dodging another slash.

"This is all from hard work and training." Claude said as he dodged a kick.

"Then so be it, if you are a human that is this strong. I will have to end you quickly." The devil said as he started to use his mana.


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