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389 Claude Vs Devil

Saying that Claude got into a stance as he drew out his sword.

"You'll regret touching my daughter." Claude said as his eyes narrowed.

"Hmph! Don't worry, after I defeat you. Your daughter and your wife will be mine, I'll even do the deed in front of you so you can see their parts before you die. And also them being in the pleasure of me.

"You are too weak and too young to be saying that. You aren't even worth my time. Might as well say your farewells." Claude said as he charged towards the man.

"Haha! You really think so?! I have the devil's power on my side! Nothing is able to overcome absolute strength!" The man said as he threw a palm towards Claude.

"Your absolute strength is meaningless if you yourself are incompetent. Even if you somehow got lucky and gained your power. You still tread the devil's way. Nothing good comes out of that path." Claude said as he slashed his sword towards the man's palm.


Like hitting metal, the sword and palm were clashing each other. Electricity could be seen sparking around the two as the ground started to shatter once more. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.


The man jumped back as Claude's blade hit the ground causing it to have a small crater.

"Hmph. Still as strong as always. Just not enough to go against me." The man said as he looked at Claude as he backed off.

"Funny, coming from someone who had to evade my attack just now." Claude said as he charged at the man again.




The two would disappear and would reappear somewhere else while throwing attacks at each other. Every clash would leave an explosion sound as the ground around them started to crack and cave in.

Laura seeing this erected a barrier to protect the unconscious children from the waves of energy bursting out of the attacks that were directed everywhere.

'I am definitely not helping rebuild this academy.' Laura thought inside her head.

"Is that all you got Claude? Because this isn't even my final form yet." The man said as he breathed heavily before looking at him.

"..." Claude said nothing as he got in a stance in preparation to charge at the man again.

" Devil's Transformation! " The man said as a black aura surrounded him.

His skin started to fall off as he became bloody. Two red horns were protruding his forehead. His hands started to become something that resembled claws. His skin was now completely red. His eyes were too, bloodshed red as fangs were showing from his teeth.

"Now you better be careful." The man said as he instantly appeared in front of Claude shocking him for a split second. However, sensing the dangers, Claude immediately brought his blade down as he blocked an attack from the man's claws.

"Oh? You can still stand after that? Are you sure you are even human at this point?" The man said as he jumped back before attacking Claude once more.

"You talk too much." Claude said.


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