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388 Parents Are Here

"Everyone watch out!" Benji cried out as he felt the power of the palm.

"Too late!" The man said as he laughed while watching the group get knocked unconscious by the sheer power of his palm.

"Looks like you're next. I'll let you all live for letting me have these girls." The man said as he looked at Benji with a smug face.

"No way! Don't touch any of my friends!" Benji said as he glared at the man.

"Friends do not exist. They are merely people you know by name. However, they can betray and backstab you at any time given. Those seven sins cause this to happen. This is why no one can be trusted!" The man said as he brought his leg down onto Benji knocking him out.

"Now then, time for my harvest before I go grab those fairies." The man said as he walked over to Elise and Maria before picking them up too.

"Stop right there!" A woman said from behind him.

"Oh who is this?" The man said as he turned around.

"You better let go of my daughter!" She said as she glared at the man.

"Oh? And which one is your daughter?" The man said as he looked at her.

"I'd say all four of them are my daughter then!" She said as she looked at them.

"If you want them, you gotta go through me first!" The man said as he grinned preparing for a fight.

"And don't worry, I won't kill you. I'll merely do the same I'll do to the girls to you. You'll be apart of my harem. I don't care if your used already." The man said as he grinned.

"You dare have such thoughts about my daughters!" She said as she charged right at him.

"Die!" She said as she reinforced her strength using magic before throwing a punch at the man.

The man seeing this immediately brought up his arms to block the attack.


The ground around them cracked as it started breaking due to the force of the two. However, as he protected himself from that attack, he had left the girls on the ground. He was too focused on protecting himself that he didn't notice a shadow rescuing the girls.

"I've got the kids Laura! You can switch with me now. Just protect the kids, I got the man." A man said from behind her.

"Got it!" She said as she used magic to swap places with the man.

" Body Teleportation : Swap! " She said as she flicked her fingers upward before she got replaced by the man.

"What do we have here. If it isn't Claude." The man said as he looked at him.

"Oh? It's you? I thought you had died a long time ago in that war. You were always a coward anyway, leaving your allies to die as you hid and run." Claude said as he stared at the man.

"Who told them to go die? It's better to just run with your lives! Don't you know that? You can't do anything if you're dead. If I were to say it, it was an honor for them to die for me." The man said as he laughed.

"We'll see about that." Claude said as his eyes narrowed.


Author : more bs to fix this overpoweredness :D

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