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Aiming to be the Best Magician in the World!
Author :Plutia_Sagiri
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378 Graduation Ceremony

"Well, it's time to graduate..." Sylvie said as she sat with her group.

"Yeah... I hate going through this ceremony and process... It takes too long." Maria said as she just sat on her chair waiting to be called up.

"I am going to fall asleep nya..." Maal said as she kept nodding off but quickly stopped herself from falling asleep.

"Me too... I got no sleep last night. I am so tired right now." Sylvie said.

"Ugh... I am so hungry..." Sam cried out as his stomach rumbled.

"We're all hungry Sam." Sylvie said as she looked at him.

"My stomach literally is in pain right now." Sylvie said as she held her stomach.

"Ugh..." Sam just groaned as he held his stomach.

"Well, on the brighter side, after this, you can eat any time you want. Since you won't be held back by the academy." Chad said as he looked at him.

"True..." Sam said.

"You will also be able to sleep any time you want without the academy bothering you either after this..." Chad said as he looked at Sylvie and Maal.

"En..." They both nodded as they tried their hardest not to fall asleep.

"Oh, I think it's getting to our turn now." Maria said.

"I think so too, so let's be ready." Sylvie said as she nodded.

"And the next graduate that we would like to bring up is-" The principal started to say until he was cut off. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.


"KYAA!!!" People cried out in fear for what was an explosion.

"What was that!?" Many people said as they turned towards the direction of the sound.




"It's an attack! Students evacuate! Teachers fight back!" The principal said as he immediately went into combat with an enemy who darted at him.

"Call for backup!" The principal said before he disappeared from the students eyes.

"What the heck!" Sylvie cried out.

"All I wanted was some sleep! How did this happen!?" Sylvie cried even more as she heard screaming and more explosions.

"It's time to fight I guess. One last fight, for our last stay here." Lance said as he pulled out his katana.

"Yeah, one last fight for our last stay. Now let's go!" Sylvie said as she started to cast magic onto the enemy while protecting the students.

" Fireball barrage !" Sylvie said as several fireballs surrounded her in the air before they rapidly shot out at the intruders.

"Let's go!" Sylvie said as she looked at her group.

"Aye!" They all said as they wanted some fun in fighting.

"Guys wach out! These kids can fight!" An intruder said as he looked at his allies.

"We outnumber them! Just leave those kids that are fleeing! They aren't worth our time! Focus on the strong ones!" Another intruder said as he turned to face Sylvie.

"She doesn't have infinite mana! She doesn't have any other weapon on her either! With her friends leaving her like that, I wonder what they're doing! So stupid!" The man said as he lunged out at her when her back was facing him.

"Now be unconscious for me!" The man said as he threw a punch at her.


Author : It's starting! The end of vol1 is starting :DD

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