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Aiming to be the Best Magician in the World!
Author :Plutia_Sagiri
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377 Sylvie's Thoughts

'How nostalgic this is... Laying here everyday and sleeping during class... Aside from winter. I hate the cold... It is too cold for comfort.' Sylvie thought inside her head as she closed her eyes.

'It would be nice to go adventuring after graduation. Though, I wonder what my parents would say to that... They would probably automatically refuse that thought. Most likely trying to rope me in into whatever they're associated with just so they could keep a close eye on me at all times...' Sylvie thought once more as she shifted into a more comfortable position.

'Ha~ I am so tired. My body is cold. I am getting goosebumps and chills... Yet, it is far past winter. I wonder why this is so...' Sylvie thought inside her head as she hugged herself trying to warm up her body.

'Though, if I were to say. These past years at this academy were particularly interesting... We did many dumb things... And many dumb things more to come. It was a really fun and exciting school now that I think about it. Unless you're actually in class doing stuff, which makes it boring.' Sylvie's thoughts had caused the teachers to all cough up blood all of a sudden shocking all of their students.

'What was that! I had a sudden urge to strangle someone right here and now! They better step out and let me hit them!' The teachers all thought at once for some odd reason.

'Anyway, I can't wait to finally graduate, so I can go out and test how strong I am. Being here has restricted me everyday, as nothing here is worth a challenge. And that old person hasn't shown up at all recently too. So I wonder what he's been doing.' Sylvie thought inside her head.

'Elise and Lance have grown stronger than expected. Though they're still beneath me with these cheat artifacts... The fact that they can do what they can currently without the effects and artifacts like me means that I am not the strongest for sure. If I can have effects and artifacts, who said the world couldn't either.' Sylvie thought as she curled up and summoned a blanket.

She then wrapped herself around with the blanket. Also summoning a pillow to rest her head. She had originally already used magic to make the tree branch widen for her to lay down on. So it was a nice place for her to rest.

'Ah... It feels so warm now...' Sylvie thought in happiness as she slowly drifted off to sleep with the warmth of her blanket.


"Boss! All our men are ready! So are the other organizations!" A man said as he kneeled down in front of his boss.

"Is that so, tell them that there are only a few more days until the raid. We cannot be too early, nor too late." The boss said as he looked at his follower.

"Yes boss!" The man said before he left.

"Only a few more days! Until I claim what is rightfully mine! Muahahaha!" The man said as he gave off an evil laughter.


Author : so cold... even in school...

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