"Er… Is that alright?" The girls asked her.

"Is what alright?" Elise asked them confused.

"You calling them that… Aren't they your friends?" The girls asked her.

"Of course not. They are only my comrades." Elise said as she looked at the girls.

'Isn't that literally the same thing?' The girls thought in their heads.

"Well, whatever. It's going late. I suppose I'll leave now too." Elise said as she got up from her seat while sorting out her papers.

"Goodbye Elise." The girls said as they waved at her.

"I guess it's time for us to leave too huh?" The girls looked at each other as they stood up.

"Please wait." The waitress said from behind them.

"Is something of the matter?" They asked her.

"Please pay for your meals." The waitress said as she looked at them.

"Oh… How much is it?" The girls asked them. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"20 silver coins." The waitress said as she smiled.

"2-20!? W-what did we order for it to be that high?!" The girls cried out in shock.

"Well… Since you knew the group in those cloaks… Might as well pay for them too. And that other girl that just left who was with you." The waitress said.

"..." The girls wanted to go back and kill Sylvie's group right now. How could such powerful people not pay for their own meal?

"Achoo!" Sylvie sneezed.

"Mmn…" Maal curled up as she felt it get cold all of a sudden.

"Is it just me or am I getting goosebumps right now?" Maria muttered with fear on her face.

"Did you all just get me sick?" Sylvie asked them.

"Of course not! Can you even get sick in the first place!" Maria shouted at her.

"..." Sylvie didn't even bother to look at her or reply.

"What! Are you being silent because you know you can't beat me?" Maria taunted.

"It was rhetorical." Sylvie said which made Maria stop in place.

"..." Maria was quiet as there was a bulging vein on her forehead. She really wanted to beat Sylvie up right now.

However, she was stopped when Elise walked into the room.

"Hello Elise." Maria greeted her.

"Hello." Elise said as she went to her bed before laying down.

"What's wrong with you three! Do you only like sleeping or something!?" Maria cried out.

"Hush. You're ruining my sleep." Sylvie said.

"Oh screw you! I am getting out." Maria said as she left the room for the three to sleep in peace.

"She's finally gone." Sylvie said as she got out of her bed.

"Hehehe…" Sylvie gave a small chuckle as she made her way to Maal's bed.

"Time to sleep!" Sylvie said as she hugged Maal while falling asleep.

"..." Elise just looked at her before falling asleep again.

'This just looks like Sylvie is taking advantage of a sleeping maiden…' Elise thought inside her head before she erased the thought and fell asleep.

'... Can you let me sleep in peace ah?' Maal thought inside her head the moment she felt Sylvie touch her bed.


Author : no nya in thoughts only in words