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360 Fairy Attacking Plans

"So the plans are, attack the academy during their graduation ceremony. Am I correct?" A man in the darkness asked as he looked at the rest of the leaders that were participating in the room.

"Correct. Then, we will be able to get the fairies. This will help us increase our powers! By then, we will be unstoppable!" Another man replied as he sat down on a chair around the round table.

"What about the guards there though?" Another man asked.

"The ones at the school are only decent. They aren't a match for us though. The only problems we have are the five families that protect the place. Including the king himself. However, I assume the king won't be going himself and will only send the royal army there." Another man answered.

"Then who wants to attack the front lines?" Someone asked as he looked at the rest.

"None of us, our troops will go in our stead. We will sneak in from the back and knock out any teacher or anyone that is guarding the fairies. Be it young or old, male or female, we shall kill them all. No one shall stop us by getting in our way!" A man said as he banged his fast onto the table.

"Calm down, you're going to break the table. Anyway, we still have a while more until graduation. So for now, let's round up our men and start training them so we have a higher chance of winning." A female said as she twirled the daggers in her hand.

"Agreed. Meeting dismissed." A man said slowly as everyone nodded before they disappeared from the meeting room.


"Haa~" Sylvie yawned as she rubbed her wet eyes.

"Sylvie, haven't you been too sleepy recently?" Maria asked her.

"Yeah... Just hopefully it doesn't go the wrong way. Like I end up falling asleep in the middle of something important..." Sylvie muttered.

"Don't create such a flag!" Maria cried out as she shook Sylvie's shoulders.

"Ha? Why would I do such a thing..." Sylvie asked her.

"W-what do you mean! You already created a flag. Oh my god, hopefully nothing really happens to you." Maria said sullenly.

"Whatever. Let's go stalk Elise. Or whatever your plan was in the beginning." Sylvie said as she started walking towards the cafe.

"Do we really have to follow you?" Benji asked the Maria.

"Of course! Why wouldn't you! What if Elise gets snatched away from you?" Maria asked him.

"But I'm not even in love with her..." Benji muttered as he continued to walk.

"..." Lance just silently clenched his hand lightly as he continued to follow them without making a sound.

"Oh yeah! Sam, please reel in your hunger! I know you want to enter the cafe for the food but. Don't do that! I know you're interested in the food that became popular nearly 4 years ago when a married couple started to work there!" Maria said as she looked at Sam.

"However, we must not let Elise know that we are here!" Maria added.

"Alright whatever, let's go." Chad said as he wanted to see some YURI.


Author : I have an F in french ;c

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