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Aiming to be the Best Magician in the World!
Author :Plutia_Sagiri
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355 Finding Sylvie

"Oh, food." Sylve said as she walked to a table that was filled with food completely ignoring the speeches that her friends were saying.

"I am starving after all. Ignoring my friends' speeches while eating wouldn't hurt at all right? It's not like they came up with the speeches themselves anyway." Sylvie muttered as she started to eat.

"Nom nom nom nom nom." Sylvie was enjoying herself in the delicacies while her mother was trying to find her.

"How do I just put her down for a second and she's already gone!?" Laura muttered to herself as she was looking for Sylvie.

"Ah. What speeches. I already listened to them. Say Syl- Where did you two go?!" Maria cried out as she looked to her right to see the mother and daughter pair gone.

"All I did was look at the stage for a second and you're both already gone! How is that even humanly possible!" Maria muttered as she went in search of the pair.

"Say do you see Sylvie anywhere?" Chad asked the group.

"Nyope. Can't seem to find her anywhere nya." Maal said as she yawned.

"Yeah, I can't seem to find her either." Elise said as she stopped trying to look for Sylvie a while ago.

"She'll come to us eventually. No need to search for her now. We can't get off stage anyway until this is all over." Benji said as he never bothered to search for Sylvie.

"Yeah, I found her." Sam said as he was holding a hamburger.

"Where'd you get that?" Chad asked him.

"I went offstage to get some food. Why?" Sam asked as he took a bite out of the hamburger.

"Nevermind that, where is Sylvie?" Chad asked Sam.

"She was eating food at the table. Right over there." Sam said as he pointed towards a direction.

The entire group snapped their heads towards the direction where Sam was pointing. And of course, they see a girl with white hair who was indulging in the delicacies.

"Speak of the devil. Of course, she isn't paying attention to our speeches. Poor Lance speaking right now on stage doesn't even know she's not part of the crowd." Chad said as he shook his head.

"Whatever, we'll go meet her later." Elise said as she sat down on the chair waiting for her turn.

"Yeah, we'll meet her later anyway." Benji said as he also sat down on his chair waiting to be called up.

"Say Sam, do you even remember your script?" Chad asked him.

"What script?" Sam asked him confusedly.

"..." Everyone in the room just looked at him with a blank face which slowly turned into disappointment.

"Nothing. Nevermind us, just good luck when it's your turn." Chad said as he sat down on his seat wondering how he was involved with the guy.

"Hey! Why are you all looking away from me. Is there something on my face or something?" Sam asked them when he saw their reaction.

"Nothing at all." The group replied to him in unison.

"What's that supposed to mean!?" Sam cried out.


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