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354 Badge Ceremony Starts

"Look, it's already evening." Laura said as she nudged her daughter.

"Un." Sylvie muttered as she rubbed her eyes.

"Hurry up and get changed. You don't want to miss your friends giving their speeches now do you?" Laura said as she picked up a frilly one-piece dress for Sylvie.

"Ugh. A dress." Sylvie groaned as she reluctantly went to the bathroom to cleanse herself before putting on her clothing.

After a while, she finally came out of the bathroom wearing the frilly one-piece dress while fidgeting around in embarrassment.

"Mother, do I really need to wear this? Can't I just wear something normal?" Sylvie asked her.

"Of course not, we are here to celebrate your friend's victory. Now come along, otherwise, we'll be late at this rate." Laura said as she picked up her daughter before entering the carriage.

"Bring us to where the Badge Ceremony is located." Laura said to the carriage driver who just nodded before he started driving the carriage.


"Hmm, I still don't see Sylvie here yet." Maria said as she looked at the crowd trying to find her friend.

Since Maria didn't participate in the tournament. She wasn't part of the ceremony, as it was only for the competitors to give their speech. So in the meantime, she was just trying to find her friend who had vanished for a while.

"Oh! Isn't that her carriage!" Maria said as she looked at the carriage that had just parked into a lot which was empty.

"We're here miss." The carriage driver said as he opened the door for the people inside to walk out. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Sylvie!" Maria immediately called out as she saw Laura and Sylvie coming out of the carriage.

"Sylvie look, it's your friend." Laura said as she nudged Sylvie.

"Oh, hello Maria. It's been a while hasn't it?" Sylvie said as she waved at Maria.

"Yeah, it's been a while! Where have you been all this time?" Maria said as she walked over to the two before shooting questions towards Sylvie.

"Ah, we were in the VIP rooms watching." Sylvie said as she looked at Maria.

"Oh excuse me, you must be her mother right? My name is Maria nice to meet you." Maria said as she realized she completely disregarded the woman that was carrying Sylvie.

"It is alright. No fret here. I am just here to accompany my daughter just in case anything happens." Laura said as she waved her off.

"I am Laura. Thank you for taking care of my daughter. I know how much trouble she brings a long." Laura said as she giggled.

"Mother! I don't bring trouble! What are you saying!" Sylvie cried out with a red face as she was pushing Laura away from her.

"Oh don't say that sweetie. You are hurting me." Laura said as she continued to carry Sylvie while walking towards the crowd to see the competitors.

"Hello everyone! May we announce that the badge ceremony starts!" A man on the stage said as fireworks were shot in the sky.


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