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349 Elise Vs Lance 2

"Who do you think won that exchange?" The caster asked as the smoke blocked everyones view.

"Let's wait and find out as the smoke is starting to dissipate!" He added as everyone waited in silence.

Elise was doing fine without a scratch as she had another arrow nocked on her bow waiting to be released.

And Lance on the other side, also had no scratches as he was in a stance with his katana.

"Looks like both contestants are okay! It was just an exchange to merely test out their powers! This means we can see more of what we had just seen in that exchange! And I for one, might say that the arena might actually be destroyed this match!" The caster said as he looked at the two.

Sounds of cheerings were heard from the spectating seats, as everyone couldn't want for the intense fight that was beginning to happen. As most of the fights were normal fights, either one-sided or just two bad people who were lucky enough to advance.

Elise seeing this didn't spare a single second as she let loose of her arrow aiming straight at Lance.

'Flash Step!' Lance immediately moved quicker than the eye could follow and appeared in front of Elise avoiding the arrow.


The magical barrier surrounding the spectators had taken an electric arrow. Thus leaving a rumbling to be felt from the spectating stands. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Oh god! Look at this tremendous strength! It's like that arrow can cause an earthquake by itself! And however, with that speed, how did Lance somehow get in front of Elise!?" The caster started to speak fast as he watched the two fight.

Seeing this, Elise immediately brought up her bow to counter Lance's katana, as it was too late to do anything. 


"What's this! Elise used her bow to counter Lance's blade!" The caster said as the sharp and loud clang noise could be heard.

Taking the time Lance was still pressuring her with his katana, she took the dagger at her thigh and stabbed at Lance with it.

Lance seeing this immediately stopped putting pressure on Elise as he tilted backwards before doing a back handspring to avoid the dagger.

"Oh my god! What just happened! Elise went to grab her dragger at the speed of light as she stabbed Lance. However, he somehow dodged that despite how close they were!" The caster said as he hyped up the crowd. Even more people started to bet on who they thought would win.

"You've gotten faster." Elise said as she looked at Lance.

"And you've gotten stronger." Lance said as he looked at Elise.

"..." The two just stared at each other in silence. Waiting for a cue by god to clash again.

"Both contestants are just staring at each other. What could possibly be happening? Are they trying to find out who is the dominant one before they start their relationship!?" The caster started to say causing Sylvie's group to look at him with blank eyes.


Author : I am really sick! Truly truly sick!