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348 Lance Vs Elise

"Hmm~ I am so tired ah!" Sylvie said as she looked at her mother.

"Calm down Sylvie. Today is the last day of the tournament anyway. It's your friend Lance against Elise. Though I have to say, this is a pretty interesting match up." Laura said as she looked down at her daughter.

"Why is that so?" Sylvie asked her.

"Because Elise is a ranged person with her bow. Sometimes only going to her daggers when necessary for close combat. Meanwhile, your friend Lance is a swordsman. He will have to get in close. In war, you rarely see that, as people would have to get past the tanks in the front-line." Laura explained to Sylvie.

"Oh, I see now. So it is rare that the two classes ever fight each other?" Sylvie asked.

"Well, it isn't that rare. It is only rare in group battles of the sort. You mostly see this happening in duels such as this. Otherwise, you never see it at all." Laura said slowly as she stroked Sylvie's head.

"En. It's beginning now." Sylvie said as she looked at the arena from their V.I.P room.

"Alright, ladies and gentlemen! Today is the final day of the tournament! Let's congratulate the two that have made it this far! Coming from the left side, one with his katana. It is Lance! The one that had a spectacle battle with Richard before defeating him!" The caster said as Lance walked into the colosseum.

"And from the right! The girl who has ended most of her duels pretty quickly with her bow and daggers! Causing explosions whenever an arrow is released. Welcome, Elise!" The caster said as Elise walked into the colosseum as well before walking on stage with Lance.

"I've heard from some people. These two are actually good friends! They met in the academy and talk to each other really frequently! You can also see here that these two sat next to each other while watching the other matches!" The caster said as someone projected an image from a crystal orb into the sky showing Lance and Elise sitting next to each other along with Maria and the others.

"Who knows if they're dating. But if I were to say, they would be a great match! One is in the front lines, while the other has their back with range! And they are both strong as well!" The caster said as the spectators roared with cheers and laughter.

"Anyway, contestants. Are you ready!?" The caster asked the two.

Elise and Lance both nodded at the caster before getting into their stances.

"Let's give them the last countdown!"







"Let the matches begin!" The caster and the spectators cried out as Elise nocked an arrow and quickly released it at Lance.

"Electric Arrow!" Elise said as the arrow quickly shot towards Lance.

"Flame Slash!" Lance said as he started to charge towards Elise as his katana blew up in flames before he swung it at the arrow accurately.

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