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"Ugh… Where am I?" Shiro muttered to herself as she groggily opened her eyes to be met with metal bars preventing her from getting out.

"Hmph. If you think I can't destroy metal bars you are mistaken." Shiro said as she was about to get up and attack the metal bar.

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"Huh?" Shiro said to her horror as she realized something. She finally felt the cold feeling on her wrist and ankles.

"What is this!?" Shiro cried out as she looked to see that she was chained up against the wall. Not allowing her to leave in the slightest bit.

"Ugh! Why can't I use magic? Why isn't any of my strength mustering up!?" Shiro muttered as she realized nothing she was doing was of use. The cuffs were sealing away her power, rendering her more useless than a citizen.




"Who's there!?" Shiro said as she looked at the darkness which was behind her prison bars.

"I see you have awoken. It is a shame that I have to chain you up like this though. Otherwise, who knows what you would've done had you been able to gain strength." The Evil God said as he stopped right in front of her prison bars.

"Let me go! This place reeks! It's lonely and so gloomy!" Shiro said as glared at the Evil God.

"You should know you have no choice regarding this suggestion." The Evil God said as he opened the door and walked inside her cell.

"What do you want!" Shiro spat at him as she watched him get closer before stopping in front of her.

"Oh, I am just trying to get a closer look at you, my dear." The Evil God said as he held her chin with his thumb and index finger. Forcing her to look up at him.

"Ptui!" Shiro spat at him dirtying his face.

"Get out of here! I don't need you to get a closer look at me. You can go home for all I care." Shiro said as she looked at the Evil God.

"Is that so?" The Evil God said with veins popping on his forehead indicating he was truly angered.

"Looks like you need some punishment to be made obedient. Who knew you were such a wild animal even when caged." The Evil God said as he took a handkerchief out of his back pocket before wiping his face that was covered with Shiro's spit.

"W-what are you going to do to me?" Shiro said completely horrified as the Evil God started to release his aura pressuring her.

"No worries my dear, I am just going to give you some careful treatment. That's all. Trust me you won't even feel a thing. All you have to do is obey me, and everything will end even quicker." The Evil God said as he walked away from the cell making sure he closed the door.

"I'll be back tomorrow. From then out, the punishment will begin. Be prepared, otherwise, you might break." The Evil God said as he chuckled evilly before leaving.


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