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345 Evil God Badmouthing Goddess

"Like hell I would die to you!" Shiro shouted as she surrounded herself with magic to prepare for any attack.

"Evil Pressure!" The Evil God said as Shiro started to feel fear and her legs started to become jello as she fell down to her knees.

"Ugh!" Shiro groaned as she tried to resist his power.

"It is a good thing I found you this quickly in your reincarnation. If I hadn't, it would've been a painful thing like what happened last time. However, once you are dead, no one will be able to stop me!" The Evil God said as he laughed, his laugh echoing in the darkness.

"I won't be able to stop you. However, others will!" Shiro said as she smiled.

"And by whose words? How is anyone going to be able to stop me once you are dead?" The Evil God asked her as he didn't finish her just yet.

"By whose words? By the goddess! You will be destroyed utterly not leaving a scrap left! You won't even be able to reincarnate into your next life!" Shiro said as she looked at where she thought the Evil God was.

"I see…" The Evil God said softly.

"Kukukuku… HAHAHAHAHAH!" The Evil God started to laugh all of a sudden like a maniac.

"What? What's funny?" Shiro asked him confusedly.

"The goddess does not care about any of you! If she had, she would never have let me stay here all these times! She just merely sits there and observes! She will not do anything! Haven't you already noticed? Have you ever seen the goddess once? Has she ever given you powers? No right? That's because she doesn't care about you all." The Evil God said.

"What are you talking about! How dare you badmouth the goddess!" Shiro cried out as she looked at the Evil God.

'How dare you badmouth me who is directly in front of you!' She thought inside her head.

"I see. So you are a believer of the goddess. Then I won't kill you. I will take you and keep you as a prisoner. As you are forced to watch the Demon King take over the world and watch as your goddess can't help you!" The Evil God said as he laughed.

"How are you going to keep me as a prisoner! This is merely my soul!" Shiro muttered as this was not her physical body.

"Did you forget who I am? I am the Evil God! I can teleport to you and grab your body! Since I met your soul, I now have a mark on your physical body to!" The Evil God said.

"You wouldn't dare!" Shiro cried out.

"I would! Now see you! The moment you open your eyes, I will teleport to you and grab you. Try not to make any noise will you?" The Evil God said as Shiro found her consciousness going away.

"Ugh… My head… Was that all a dream?" Shiro muttered as she slowly got up from her bed.

"No it isn't. And now you're coming with me!" A voice suddenly came from her side.

"No!" Shiro cried out as she turned around.


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