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343 Plans For The Future

"We will send an investigation team out to check the location out. After confirming the dark essences of the Demon King, we will tell all the other countries." The voice said.

"Before I end the call. I have one more thing to say." The Guild Master said to the voice.

"You may speak. What is it that you want to say?" The voice asked him.

"I think it's time we start to gain a good relationship with the Church for now. Just in case, we never know if it may be too late to summon a hero." The Guild Master suggested to the voice.

"Alright, that will be part of our plan. We can't risk anything after all. Last time, three SS-ranked adventurers died to the Demon King after all. And the others were heart-broken causing them to seclude themselves now." The voice said as he agreed.

"We would need someone to train them though. Who do you recommend?" The voice asked the Guild Master.

"I can't recommend anyone yet. If I did, it would probably be Kias, as he had trained Shiro. However, that would only be for physical prowess, for techniques and all that stuff I wouldn't know." The Guild Master said.

"Honestly, I would probably send him to the academy so he could learn some magic and fighting. Out of the five heroes we summoned last time, only one was brave enough to be the hero. However, he died, while the other four fled like a bunch of cowards." The Guild Master added.

"You're right… I'll be keeping a note of people who would be good teachers until the day the Hero is summoned then." The voice said.

"I'll be ending the call now the-" The voice started to say until it was interrupted by someone.

"Don't end yet. I have to say something." Kias said as he looked at the communication orb.

"What would you like to say, S-ranked adventurer Kias?" The voice asked him.

"I'd like you to get ready to call retired veteran adventurers. We are going to need them back on the frontline. The Demon King plans on rallying on the old Demon King's troops from what I can tell." Kias said.

"Alright, I will keep that in mind. We do need every fighting potential we could get anyway." The voice said.

"And hopefully the Hero isn't too arrogant or has evil schemes. Otherwise, it could bring us down and kill us all." The voice said.

"Yes. We'd need someone to keep him in check. Do you have anyone for that?" Kias asked the voice. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"I would. But you know, that was the SS-ranked adventurer who died in the previous war between the Demon King. SS-ranked Adventurer Lina Trou, SS-ranked Adventurer Neru, and SS-ranked Adventurer Saruto. The king of assassins." The voice muttered. 

"Lina and Neru would be able to keep watch on the hero with their magical powers. As they were literally able to attack from across an entire continent. Meanwhile, Saruto with his speed could instantly appear and keep watch from the shadows." The voice said as he remembered the three heroes that had died fighting the Demon King.

"Indeed, a big tragedy." Kias said.

"Indeed." The voice agreed.


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