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342 Communication Orb

"So let me get this straight Kias. You three were doing that wyvern subjugation. And you met the Demon King in the forest. He was about to kill you three before Shiro teleported you all away. Am I correct?" The Guild Master said as he repeated the key points Kias had told him.

"Correct. That is how we got to the Adventurer's Guild building. And also why Shiro is unconscious due to going past her MP limit. And she will most likely be in a coma, as you already know that using teleportation is near impossible for everybody. And the fact that she had to use it for us two as well, means that her body will have to bear the burden." Kias said as he looked at the Guild Master with a serious look.

"This is bad then. I have to report this to the authorities and higher-ups. We might go back into the war against the demons. We need to get a hero summoned to help fight." The Guild Master said as he had a grave look on his face.

"Yeah. We might need to put whatever war we have against the other countries to a halt. I couldn't even fight against him and I am an S-ranked adventurer. So you should know how strong the Demon King is." Kias said as he looked at the Guild Master.

"SSS-Ranked entity." The Guild Master said as through the previous years, recorded in history all the Demon Kings were SS-Ranked or higher.

"Yeah." Kias nodded his head as he had the privilege of meeting one of the SS-ranked adventurers when he had stumbled upon a ruin. The SS-ranked adventurer was taking a rest there as they were all old but were sad.

"Alright. Give me a minute." The Guild Master said as he went to his desk and opened a drawer. He was moving stuff around until he found what he wanted.

"Found it. Just what I needed." He said as he held onto an orb made out of crystals.

"The communication orb?" Kias asked as he saw what the Guild Master was holding.

"Correct." The Guild Master said as he put mana into the orb. Soon after the orb glowed before a voice was transmitted from the orb.

"What do you want?" The voice asked.

"I have bad news to bring." The Guild Master said as he placed the communication orb on the table.

"What news must be so bad that you actually use the communication orb? We've given you this so many years ago, but you've never used it." The voice asked the Guild Master.

"It's about the Demon King." The Guild Master said.

"The what?" The voice asked the Guild Master as if it didn't believe what he had just said.

"The Demon King has been spotted by S-ranked adventurer Kias and Shiro." The Guild Master said as he tried to keep his calm.

"So the Demon King is finally coming back up now huh? Do you have an estimate of what power he is at? SS-ranked or?" The voice asked the Guild Master.

"SSS-Ranked or higher." The Guild Master said.

"..." The voice said nothing.


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