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341 Demon King“s Identity

"Sigh, who could've expected such things to happen to me, Sylvia. I thought I would finally be able to meet you again after my death. However, it just seems to not be possible. With the path I am going down, I don't think I'll be able to make it up there to meet you. That is if I am unable to attain the strength needed to go up there." The Demon King said as he looked up at the sky remembering his friend that had died years ago.

"Well then, I need to go capture all those monsters that are unloyal to me. Or the ones that have lived a different life after the previous Demon King had died." The Demon King said as he started walking towards a certain destination.

"I heard that there would be a hero when I am summoned. Maybe it's only at a certain point where monsters start engaging in activities that they summon one? So that probably gave the Demon King a lot of time to gain strength. Unlike myself who literally exposed me just now." The Demon King muttered as he started to think of a plan inside his head.

"Well, time to dominate the world I guess. Then after that, I will need mana reserves to be able to go straight to heaven to find her. And I will also need a way to revive her and give the two us of immortality so we can be together in peace forever." The Demon King said as he finally vanished.

That man, otherwise known as the Demon King is actually Sylvie's best friend back in her old world. He was Kenza, the one that Sylvie had loved before she died.

It would be many many years later before the two would meet. It would also be many years after that, would a tragedy strike the two in the end.

"Cough cough!" Shiro coughed out blood as she, Kias, and Yumi were teleported to the Adventurer's Guild.

"Kias! Shiro!? What happened to you two?" The girl at the receptionist's desk asked as she quickly made her way over to them.

"We just escaped death. Narrowly of course." Kias replied as he sat on the floor as he struggled to get up due to his legs feeling like jello.

"Ababababa." Yumi's brain had shut down temporarily as she was frightened severely.

"Cough!" Shiro coughed loudly as she spat out a lot of blood before collapsing on the floor in a weak state.

"Someone get the healers!" The receptionist ordered immediately as she helped Kias and Yumi move away from the floor towards the wall.

"What happened Kias?" The Guild Master asked as he came down the stairs quickly after he heard of the news.

"It needs to be a private talk. Just me and you." Kias said as he looked at the Guild Master.

"Alright, come with me." The Guild Master agreed as he looked at Kias.

"Can't right now. My legs are literally jello." Kias said as he looked at the Guild Master. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"... Fine, I'll carry you myself." The Guild Master said as he lifted Kias in one arm before running upstairs leaving Yumi with Shiro.


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