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335 Clothing Store

"Hmm, where could those two possibly be?" Kias muttered to himself as he started to walk down along the streets.

"Ah, that's right. They said that they were going to get some clothing for Yumi. That means that they are at a clothing store." Kias said as he pulled out the map he had bought before.

"Let's see, so there are… Why are there so many clothing stores in this town? Is this why the food tastes bad?" Kias said with his forehead creasing as there were around ten different clothing stores on the map.

"Sigh, whatever. I guess I will just have to visit them one by one. I could buy some clothes while I am at it as well. I don't want to be out of date like a hermit." Kias said as he walked towards the nearest clothing store.

"Hmm, this looks like a clothing store." Shiro said as she looked at the building in front of her which had dresses and shirts inside behind the glass.

"Un." Yumi said as she saw clothing in it.

"Well then, let's go inside." Shiro said as she pulled on the door's handle.

"Welcome, what may I help you with?" An old lady said from behind the counter.

"Em, I would like you to get my friend some clothes that are her size please." Shiro said as she pushed Yumi in front.

"Alright, come along this way. I need to get you measured." The old lady said as she slowly walked over to a room.

"Eh? Wait what?" Yumi said as she looked at the room the old lady had just gone into.

"What are you waiting for? Go, she needs your measurements so she can get you the right fitting clothes." Shiro said as she pushed Yumi into the room.

"What do you mean by finding my measurements? Can't she just find clothing that looks like it'll fit on me and give it to me?" Yumi cried out as she looked at the old lady who looked like she would do some weird stuff to her.

"No worries, everything here is the normal procedure. Just don't freak out or anything…" Shiro said as she looked at Yumi.

"Oh? Is this your first time getting your sizes measured little girl?" The old lady asked Yumi as she heard their conversation.

"Un…" Yumi nodded in embarrassment.

"She was really poor before she met us. That's why I brought her here to get some clothes." Shiro explained.

"Oh. What a poor little child. So you must not have any beautiful clothing then…" The old lady said as she got closer to Yumi.

"En…" Yumi said as she looked at the old lady as she was expecting something.

"Alright, arms out wide." The old lady suddenly said as she stopped in front of Yumi.

"Eh?" Yumi was immediately confused by what the old lady said.

"What she meant by that was this!" Shiro said as she took off the shirt Yumi was wearing and pulled both her arms outwards.

"KYAAAAAA! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!" Yumi cried out as she realized she was stripped of her top.

"Normal procedure!" Shiro said as she gave the old lady a thumbs up.

"Well now, let's begin shall we?" The old lady said as she inched closer to Yumi.

"NOOOOO!!!!" Yumi's loud cry was heard throughout the entire town.

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