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"Alright, wake up Shiro. Let's go explore this town for a bit before we set off on the carriage again," Kias said as he woke her up.

"Nnh…" Shiro got up as she nodded her head while rubbing her eyes.

"Haa~" Shiro yawned as she went to go wash her face in the public bathroom at the tavern. She then went to eat breakfast with Kias on the first floor of the tavern.

"Here you two go, please enjoy," The waitress said as she placed down two bowls of soup that was just made. 

Shiro, having a cat's tongue even though being a heavenly kitsune had to blow on her soup due to it still being scalding hot. She then drank it after she felt it was cool enough to not scald her tongue due to the burning heat.

"It's pretty delicious, the soup goes down the throat easily," Shiro muttered as she continued to drink the rest of the soup.

"Yeah, soup is a really good thing to drink. It is pretty healthy and you don't need to chew it. You can simply swallow it," Kias said as he finished his bowl.

"Un," Shiro nodded as she slowly drank her soup.

As the two were having a nice and quiet conversation during their meal, there was suddenly a commotion in the tavern. It was two men fighting, causing chaos and disturbance to the other customers.

Kias had noticed this earlier but had decided not to stop it. He didn't like interfering with these types of matters. As for Shiro, she was too busy focusing on blowing on the soup to make it cool to drink.

And even if she did notice it, she wouldn't pay attention or care at all. As it did not impact her in any way, shape, or form. Unless there was some form of resemblance that has Sylvie in it.

"Are you picking a fight with me? I said I want this room, so you better give it up pal. Otherwise, we'll have to drag you outside. You don't want that now do ye?" A man said as some of his friends got up as well backing him up.

"I am afraid you are messing with the wrong person. We booked this, do you think I am alone or something?" The man said as he stood up with his friends as well.

It was like a gang war, just in a tiny minuscule level. As there wasn't really an entire gang, but only two groups of people. 

"Fine, step out then. Let's go," The man said as his group left the tavern followed by the other man and his friends.

"Shiro, I will go watch what's happening outside," Kias said as he was bored.

"En," Shiro said as she continued to drink her soup in peace.

"Little girl, do you want any snacks or desserts?" The tavern owner asked her.

"Sure," Shiro replied as she took another sip of her soup.

"Here, have some cookies. Don't mind them, they won't fight in here. As long as you don't go out, you'll be safe," The tavern owner said as she looked at her.

"En," Shiro nodded.


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