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321 What“s Wrong With Sylvie?

"Hur hur, we will stop at this town for today. I need to stock up on supplies and etc," The carriage driver said as he paused at a town that was on their route to the forest.

"Alright, we'll rent a room at an inn or tavern then," Kias said as he carried a sleeping Shiro to find an inn or tavern to sleep in.

After asking town locals, he was finally redirected to a decent tavern that wasn't expensive. The food there was delicious enough to say, so he and Shiro found a pretty decent place.

"Sleep, make sure you're ready for tomorrow's travel. There will be danger up ahead since we're heading somewhere secluded and rural," Kias said as he looked at Shiro who was on another bed.

"Yes, I will. Goodnight Kias," Shiro said as she pulled the bedsheets and closed her eyes.

"Goodnight," Kias said as he did the same before falling asleep.

'Ugh I miss my powers, Sylvie why can't you just find me already? I've made so much ruckus that I am sure you probably already heard of me from someone. Can't you just come over and try to find me because I am interesting or something?' Shiro thought inside her head before she fell asleep.

"Hum… Are any of my friends fighting today?" Sylvie muttered.

"Probably not… They don't seem like they're prepared for any fights, it just looks like they're observing. So I guess you won't be seeing any of your friends fight today sweetie," Laura said as she looked at her daughter.

"Do you want to go back for today, or do you want to continue watching?" She asked her daughter.

"Let's go back, there is nothing to see here. Everyone is pretty awful at fighting…" Sylvie said as she looked at her mother.

"Alright, let's go then," Laura said as she lead her daughter back to the carriage and headed back towards the tavern.

'Yawn, oh my god why do I keep yawning. This might be a problem, hopefully I actually don't fall into comatose,' Sylvie thought to herself as she followed her mother.

After the two got to the carriage, Laura told the carriage driver to drive them back to the tavern. Once arriving at the tavern, Sylvie immediately went to lay on her bed before falling asleep.

"Gosh, she falls asleep so quickly nowadays… I wonder what happened… Maybe Sakura Frost really took a lot of her energy or something… Either that, or there is something that is draining her energy all the time," Laura muttered to herself as she thought of possibilities.

'I'll bring her to the church later, so we can find out what's happening to her,' Laura thought inside her head as she looked at her daughter.

"Hopefully it is just mana deficiency and not something actually leeching off her MP," Laura muttered.

"Oh well, I guess it is time for me to enjoy more snacks at the stalls!" Laura said as she locked the door before leaving the tavern.


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