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317 Sylvie Wakes Up

"Sylvie! Wake up hun! You can't possibly be taken that long to inherit a dead person's power now can you?!" Laura said as she shook her daughter.

"Ugh…" Sylvie groaned as she retaliated by fully covering herself with her blanket.

"Looks like you are awake now! If you continue to sleep any longer you will miss the matches! Come on, wake up sweetie!" Laura said as she took off Sylvie's blanket. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Ughhh!!! The sun is so bright!" Sylvie complained as she covered her eyes with her hands.

"The sun is always bright! Now let's go!" Laura said as she dragged Sylvie to the bathroom.

"Eh? Wait, I am back now?" Sylvie finally snapped out of her daze as she realized she was with her mother.

"Back from what, the dead? You were asleep for nearly two days sweetie." Laura said as she looked at her daughter.

"So did you inherit the original owner's power? Or what happened?" Laura asked her daughter.

"Eh? What power? All that happened was I was randomly teleported into some forest that never ended. There were no human settlements, so all I did was made a house using magic and slept in there for a day. I woke up in the morning and found myself in the world still. Then I suddenly saw a weird big shadow before I fainted and woke up back here…" Sylvie explained to her mother truthfully.

"That's strange. I don't know any conditions that meet the requirements of what you have said…" Laura said as she pondered a bit.

"Oh well, whatever! Go wash your face sweetie!" Laura said as she closed the bathroom door.

"Yes, mother…" Sylvie said as she realized she had to watch their matches. After brushing her teeth, taking a bath, and washing her face. Did she finally finish and left the bathroom.

"Well now, let's go," Laura said as she held her daughters small and delicate looking hand.

"Okay," Sylvie said as she let her mother lead her around.

"Ugh, I really miss Sylvie. I miss how cute she is," Maria said as she sighed in the dormitory.

"I miss how dumb she was, in a comedic sense," Elise said as she laid on her bed.

"By the way, who has their matches today?" Maria asked her.

"Lance and Chad," Elise replied back as she turned around to look at her.

"Well those two are probably gonna win anyway," Maria said.

"Do you think Sylvie will appear any time soon?" Maria asked her.

"Probably will, just after the tournament. Her parents are probably keeping her with them or something. Seeing how strong she is, her parents are probably strong too," Elise said.

"So she probably can't escape them to see us," Elise added.

"You're right… That is the most logical answer after all…" Maria said as she nodded in agreement.

What they said was correct, as Sylvie was indeed not able to leave her mother. As her mother would probably go crazy and cause a ruckus with the king had she disappeared for some reason.