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307 Elise vs RFC1

"Anyway, let's begin the match quickly. As this is the first match of the day and we still have more to go!" The commentator said as he looked at the crowd.




"Start!" The commentator and the crowd said in sync as they all watched the two contestants fight.

Once Elise heard the signal, she immediately took the bow that was on her back. She pulled the string on her bow back as she aimed at her opponent. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Electric Arrow," Elise said as she controlled it so it would be weaker than the one she used on the demonic man back in the Underground World.

Her opponent seeing this immediately ran and rolled to the side to avoid the electric arrow. She immediately got up and stared at Elise while brandishing her iron sword.

"..." Seeing how her opponent was not making a move but was just staring at her. Elise continued to release electric arrows at her opponent.




Each electric arrow had caused a small crater on the ring. And each arrow had not seemed to do damage to the opponent at all.

"You're finally getting tired, are you not going to do anything else? Or are you just going to dodge my attacks all day?" Elise said as she taunted her opponent into doing an attack.

"..." Her opponent said nothing though as she panted heavily from having nearly no stamina left from dodging all the electric arrows.

"Tch, no fun. You really were a normal person," Elise said as she looked at her opponent before pulling back her bowstring again. However, this time she held it for longer as a red color instead of yellow this time appeared.

"!!!" Her opponent finally opened eyes full of vigilance as she felt the devastating power that Elise was about to unleash on her. She tightened her grip and got ready to dodge it.

"Crimson Arrow," Elise said as she let loose of her arrow.


The arrow released with the sound of an explosion. Hearing this, her opponent got scared and immediately and turned towards the outside of the ring and jumped.


The area where she was standing by had a huge crater now. And the opponent that it was designated to hit? She was now curled up in the air protecting her head and neck.

If that arrow had hit her, she would've been dead. Elise seeing how her opponent had dodged all the arrows had the guts to do this. As she knew her opponent too, she would also dodge her final arrow.

Her opponent finally touched the ground from the explosion that had sent her flying. Rolling a few times before she finally came to a stop.

"Ack!" She coughed out blood as she was stopped by the wall. She was unable to get up but could only turn her head up to give one last look at Elise before passing out.

'I'll make you mine! Cold Queen Elise! You will love me one day!' She thought inside her head before it all went black.


'Ugh… What was that feeling? That was scary…' Chad thought inside of his head as he felt like he was going to lose something.


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