"Wow, good thing Chad one. Now I know how bad the opponents actually are. This means free coins for us all!" Maria said happily as she watched the matches.

After waiting for a while for round 1 to start, it was finally Lance's turn to be on the ring.

"Are you ready to become mincemeat kiddo?" A man in full iron gear said as he had a shield and a hammer.

"Not really in the mood to become mincemeat right now," Lance said as he drew his blade.

"No one is ever ready to die after all. Only true brave warriors are ones who are ready to die, but they never die as they have transcended." Lance said as his gaze sharpened.

"Heh, big words coming from a tiny guy. True brave warriors fight on the battlefield, they don't fight in some underground illegal activity colosseums." His opponent said as they gripped their hammer and shield tightly indicating that they were ready to fight.

Both opponents waited for the countdown from the referee.




"Begin the second round!" The referee declared as a loud horn sound was emitted.

"Haaa!!! SHIELD BASH!" His opponent said as the man charged at him with his shield in front at high speeds.

However, these high speeds were merely normal in his eyes. When he went adventuring, goblins would typically shoot a lot of arrows at him. Thus, he got used to seeing speeds like that.

Just because Lance saw the opponent go at a normal speed did not change the fact that the ring was small. Thus, the opponent still got in front of him really quickly. However, he was prepared already.

Doing a sidestep, he immediately ducked down a bit before he placed his right palm on the opponent's chest and his left palm on the opponents back. He then proceeded to sweep the opponent's feet from the back with his own.


Lance used the momentum of his opponent's fall and increased the velocity a bit by inputting power into his right palm making his opponent slam into the ring causing a small crater and cracks to spread nearly engulfing the entire ring.

"Pfft!" His opponent spat out blood as he slammed down onto the ground. Due to so much force, he bounced back up a bit. Seeing this, Lance did not leave the chance to go to waste.

He immediately brought his foot up and brought it down upon the man. However, the man was still conscious and immediately brought his shield to protect himself from Lance's foot.


'What the hell kind of foot does this kid have!? How can the shield emit such a sound from that!' His opponent thought in fright.

"Tsk a shield, looks like I'll have to cut it," Lance said as he brought his blade up and was about to bring it down.

"I forfeit!" His opponent said much to his dismay.

"What do you mean by that?" Lance said as he stopped his blade a bit short from his opponent's neck.

"I said I forfeit, you win. You can't harm me now that the match is over. Follow the rules unless you want to be punished." His opponent said as he was ghastly pale in fear from the sword nearly ending his life.

"Tch, fine," Lance said as he put his katana back in its sheath before leaving.

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