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Aiming to be the Best Magician in the World!
Author :Plutia_Sagiri
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297 Fell For The Trap

'Okay I take that back now, is he not going to attack or what?' Chad thought inside his head as he waited and waited. However, after waiting for so long, he realized his opponent was waiting for him to make a move.

'Dratz, he ruined my plans. Why is he such a coward.' Chad cursed at his opponent inside his head as he decided to do what the opponent wanted him to do.

So he immediately charged towards his opponent on the ring which wasn't particularly large. So in just a few seconds, he was already in the combat range of his opponent.

"You finally made your move! Now prepare to die!" His opponent said as they swung their blade at him the moment he appeared within their range.

"Shockwave!" The opponent chanted as he slammed his blade into the ground. He immediately knew that Chad was going to dodge his attack, thus he decided to stun him first.

"Ugh! Wha-? I can't move! My legs are paralyzed!" Chad cried out in surprise as he landed on the ground again after dodging his opponent's swing.

He did not expect his opponent to do such a thing. After all, his opponent showed no indications of using magic, or getting ready to use it at all.

"Guess I am the only one that isn't full of surprises huh? Even you are full of surprises." Chad said jokingly as he watched his opponent stride over to him with a blade in hand.

"Indeed, now you will die. Then I will claim my victory." His opponent said as they stopped in front of him before bringing their sword down upon his neck.

"Any last words before I kill you?" He asked Chad.

"No, the real question is. Who is the one that is dying? Because it certainly isn't me." Chad said as he looked at his opponent with a smile.

"What do you mean by that? You can't move and my blade is already on your neck. If you even move a bit, you will die." His opponent flinched when he heard Chad's reply.

"Oh don't worry, I too am full of surprises. It is just, you never noticed the hints. Since you didn't want to come at me, I charged at you and dodged backwards ending up in my original position." Chad said.

"You just never realized," He added as he looked at his opponent eye to eye with a smirk on his face.

"Huh? What do you mean by that?" His opponent looked at him in confusion.

"I mean this, 16 Cards Of White! Binding!" Chad shouted as 16 cards of white that was camouflaged on the ground suddenly shot up in the air surrounding them both.

"Wha-!" His opponent cried out in shock but was unable to due to the binding.

'Just what have I gotten myself into? What just happened to me? Why can't I talk or move?' His opponent thought to himself in his head.

"Well then, looks like the win is for me," Chad said as he threw his opponent off the ring for his victory. His opponent didn't know what had hit him until the binding wore off.


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