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293 Registering For Battles

"Welcome, you all are here to register I assume?" A normal looking guy said from behind the counter.

"Yes, we are here to register aside from her," Lance said as he pointed at Maria.

"Alright then, sign this contract and you will be registered for the battles." He said as he gave everyone a quill and ink along with the contract papers excluding Maria.

"What is on these contract papers?" Sam asked him.

"Just read it and you'll find out. It is basically a contract stating that your death has nothing to do with us and your injuries. We won't be accountable for any troubles you have and go through. So if someone prevents you from forfeiting, we can't do anything about that and we'll watch you get tortured to death." He said as he looked at them calmly.

"Hey… This isn't something you should say calmly you know… People dying is a bad thing. How can you say something like that so calmly…" Maria said weakly.

"Get used to it, this is the Underground World. There will be many deaths, pretty sure you already saw how dirty and how badly this place has in the economy. Everyone here is literally in poverty aside from the rich nobles who will buy slaves here." He said to her.

"Just sign it already, will you? I don't have all day," He added as he turned to look at the group.

"Fine," they said as they started reading the contract slowly before writing their signature at the bottom.

Of course, Sam was different. He didn't read the contract at all and signed his name. The reason why? Was it because he was too confident? Or was it because he trusted the guy's summary?

No! It was simply the fact that because he is too stupid to even read the contract! He saw his friends signing so he started to sign as well!

"Thank you, you all can go that way to get into a match. As for you, just go to the spectator seats, the entrance is that way." The guy said as he pointed at two completely different locations.

"Ah!?" Maria cried out as she realized she would have to go alone.

"Uhh, Maria, we'll meet you there! Make sure you bet on us though! We need to make the money too!" Sam said.

"Don't forget to stay safe! There is slave trafficking in the Underground World!" Sam added.

"Ha!? Why didn't you say so earlier!? I would not have come here then!" Maria said as she shouted at Sam.

"I forgot, well then… Bye!" Sam said as the group left.

"Shoo, hurry up." The guy said as he was getting annoyed by Maria who was still in the room.

"Fine! I got it, I'll leave now. Bye." Maria said as she left the room reluctantly.

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"This place is really bad though… I get the chills being in here… Can I go home yet?" Maria cried out weakly as she hugged herself to fight off the cold air she was receiving.


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