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288 RMC1 VS RMC2 2

"Ugh!" RMC1 groaned as he brought up his sword to block RMC2's impending attack. Knowing that he was unable to have time to rest, he decided to start going on the offensive.

"Ha!" RMC1 gave out a warcry as he turned into a flurry of movements while he was brandishing his iron sword upon his opponent.

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However, due to RMC2 being covered in full iron gear, RMC1 was unable to land any hits onto his physical body. His blade merely bounced off RMC2's armor.

"Are you done yet?" RMC2 asked him as he lifted his mace up high in the air.

"If so, that was disappointing." RMC2 said as he brought his mace down upon RMC1.

"GAHH!!" RMC1 cried out as he was hit squarely in the gut sending him flying sideways out of the stage and into the colosseum walls.

"Wow! Would you look at that, even though RMC1 had put on his speed to the point that even my eye couldn't follow, RMC2 did not take a single bit of damage! And instead, he was able to return all that damage that he should've taken onto RMC1!" The announcer said as he declared the match to be over.

"Now let's give them a round of applause as we wait for our next contestants to come on stage. Which will be in an hour, so please go get some food, go put in some bets, and go get some more people. We will be right back with you when the match is about to begin!" The announcer said as he disappeared.

"Wow, that RMC1 guy might be the fastest aside from us. However, his attacks are pretty weak, and he doesn't aim for the weak parts in the armor. Looks like he was panicking." Maria said as she and the rest sat down on the front row.

"Yeah, that RMC2 guy has the strength RMC1 needs, however, he does not have the speed that RMC1 has. Those two would be a very good combination if they were able to merge." Lance said as he looked at them.

"Or if they could be like me and you. That RMC2 guy could be a tank like me, while that RMC1 guy could be the swordsman like you." Sam interjected between the two.

"Well, we're different. They aren't good enough." Lance said as he denied what Sam said immediately.

"Oh, that's sad then." Sam said as he ate more food.

"Sam, why are you always eating?" Maria asked him.

"Because I am hungry?" Sam said.

"We literally just finished eating at Lily's Electric Restaurant. What do you mean you're hungry?" Maria asked him as her eyebrows twitched.

"Bah, this is my second stomach. Her food went to my first stomach." Sam said as he patted his belly.

"Yes yes, whatever. I am going to get something to drink. Do you guys want anything?" Maria asked the group.

"No thanks, I don't want any." The group said excluding Sam who suddenly got up and decided to go buy stuff with Maria.

"Sigh, what a troublesome day." Maria muttered to herself.


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