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282 Resting Before Watching

"What! I go against the boss already? This is unfair," Sam said when he heard what orb Richard had pulled out.

"What terrible luck you have. I remember you saying you smelled some good treasure a year ago back on the mountain, but we almost died to a saber-tooth instead." Lance said as he shook his head.

"It basically was a treasure! We could've made a lot of money from it if we sold its fur and pelt!" Sam retorted.

"So what? We wouldn't be able to sell anything if we couldn't kill it. We only lived due to the landlord being able to finish it off when we thought we had killed it after collapsing the cave." Lance said as he looked away from Sam.

"Agh! Whatever! Fine whatever! My luck is terrible! But, who cares! Which one of us isn't strong enough to fight Richard? He may have some skills but, this handcrafted equipment won't let me lose to him! Plus our adventuring for a bit also helped me in progressing with my skills too!" Sam said as he looked confident.

"Don't get too overconfident. And stop relying on your equipment so badly. You won't always have it on you. You will end up having to fight bare-fisted sometime." Elise said as she looked at him.

"Why would I have to fight bare-fisted? I am always prepared before I go to a fight." Sam said as he looked at her.

"Are you really going to wear metal equipment when you sleep?" Elise asked him.

"Huh? Of course not! Who can sleep with metal on anyway?" Sam asked her puzzledly.

"Exactly, you won't be sleeping with your equipment. So how will you be able to use it if you were to get assassinated at night?" Elise asked him.

"... You're right… I will have to fight bare-fisted…" Sam said as he realized the logic behind her explanation.

"Welp looks like the bracket drawings are over," Lance said.

"Ladies and gentlemen! The bracket drawings are now finally over! The first match for today will start in two hours from now! There are papers for betting at the front! Please grab one if you want to try your luck!" The announcer said.

"Well then, time to rest for two hours I guess," Elise said as she left the colosseum and went back to the girl's dormitory which wasn't that far from the colosseum since it was near the academy.

"Yeah, see you all later. None of us are going to fight today. So we can watch our opponents for now." Lance said as he left as well.

"I am tired! I shall go sleep now nya," Maal said as she followed Elise.

"Yeah, I need to go back to change my outfit. I can't fight in this clothing." Chad said as he followed Lance.

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"What now?" Benji asked Sam and Maria.

"Eh, I am hungry. Let's go eat lunch." Maria said.

"Me too, I need to eat before I fight anyway," Sam said as he agreed.

"Well then, let's go eat. I didn't eat breakfast today so." Benji said as he followed the two.


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