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281 Bracket Drawings

"Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen! I am fairly tired today, so let's not have any jokes today. You all know what is happening today, if you don't, don't even bother asking people around you. Because I will be the one explaining it." The announcer said when he saw the time was right.

"Yesterday contained the matches for the top 30 contestants of the tournament. Now we will pit the 30 contestants into a battle in a single-elimination like a bracket. Whoever stands on top will win!" The announcer added.

"So for today, in order to find out who will be going against who. We will have all 30 participants come on stage and pick an orb. The orb will have a number on it indicating which number you are. There are 30 orbs with the number markings of one to thirty. One will be paired up with two, as three will be paired up with four and so on." The announcer explained.

"Whoever they are paired up with, they will have to fight their opponent that day. As for today and for this entire week. There will be five fights a day, which means in six days, there will only be six participants left. However, after that, things will change. There will no longer be a bracket for that. It will be like in the first match from yesterday, a battle royale between the six contestants." He added to that explanation as he was running out of breath.

"So now then, let's stop with the wait. Let the contestants come up on the stage now shall we?" The announcer said as he pointed towards the entrance of the colosseum.

Many cheers were heard as the thirty students walked out of that entrance and onto the stage where there was a box with a small hole on the top.

"Let's give these contestants another round of applause for actually making it this far today." The announcer said as he started to clap.

"Anyway, let's let the drawings begin!" The announcer said.

"Up first will be Lance!" The announcer said as he looked at Lance who walked towards the box and reached his hand in to grab an orb.

Lance grabbed an orb and showed it towards the crowd.

"He has grabbed orb number 14! So whoever gets 13 will be his opponent!" The announcer said.

"Up second will be Maal!" The announcer said once more.

Maal went up slowly as she reached out to grab an orb before showing it up before putting it back again.

"Maal has gotten number 22! So whoever has 21 will be going against her!" The announcer added once more.

"Up third will be Sam!" The announcer said for the third time.

Sam did the same thing everything did as he grabbed an orb and flashed it towards the crowd.

"Number 9! Whoever gets number 10 will be his opponent!" The announcer said tiredly as he didn't like repeating the same thing over and over.

"Up fourth will be Richard!" The announcer said once again.

Richard Baroque did the same thing as the first three as he flashed his orb. However, this orb made people gasp and look in excitement.

"Richard has gotten orb number 10! We have our first pair ladies and gentlemen! It will be Richard against Sam!" The announcer said.

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