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278 Generations Have Changed

"Oh, Sylvie. What are you doing here?" Laura asked her daughter when she walked into the inn.

"Hi okaasan, it hurts to move still," Sylvie said as she laid on the couch.

"Welcome back miss. You should bring your daughter back upstairs onto her bed. She really needs the sleep, she looks like she is about to die. Maybe you should go check that out." The innkeeper said as she greeted Laura.

"She's alright. She'll be okay tomorrow. Thanks for taking care of her when I was out though." Laura said as she went to carry Sylvie back upstairs.

"No problem, she is a customer. So I will treat her as one, I can't let anything happen to my customers after all." The innkeeper said as she placed a hand over her chest assuring them.

"Yes yes, have a good night," Laura said as she waved at the innkeeper before disappearing on the stairs.

"You too!" The innkeeper said.

"Bye bye," Sylvie said.

"Bye little girl, see you tomorrow." The innkeeper said as she resumed doing her over the counter activities.

"Sigh, where is that girl that contracted with the Sakura Frost that our ancestors had kept hidden for over a thousand years?" A female wearing a black hood and robe muttered as she looked around the streets.

"That smells good, I wonder what it is." She added when she sniffed around.

"I am pretty hungry so… You know what they all say, you can't do anything with an empty stomach!" She said as she went to go visit the stalls and booths to get some food.

"Excuse me, can I get two of those?" She asked a lady who was running a stall.

"Sure, that will be ten bronze coins please." The lady said.

"Here you go." The female in a black hood said as she paid up.

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"Here you go, have a nice day." The lady said as she handed her two steak kebabs.

"You too." She said as she walked along the streets eating the steak kebab.

"Mm, these taste good. They are juicy! These peppers and onions make the texture different from the meat! It's just good when it's all combined!" She said when she took a bite out of the steak kebab.

"I didn't know there was so much good food out here. I better take more missions and try not to get cooped up within our sect. They don't make any good food at all compared to these." She said as she looked at the beautiful scenery that her sect didn't have.

"The world really changes after many generations. Hmph, why didn't the sect leader let me out here earlier. I have to thank the one that contracted with Sakura Frost. She let me eat all this delicacy." She said before she disappeared off of a roof.

"Okaasan, when will it be over! I want to play!" Sylvie cried out as she could not stand staying in one place.

"It'll be over when you wake up. Just go to sleep." Laura said as she tried to soothe Sylvie.

"Ughhh!!!" Sylvie groaned before she went to sleep.


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