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270 Chad Is Ignored

"Ah, guys I am back. I guess I really did leave my deck of cards behind. Hahaha…" Chad gave a fake laugh as he walked back to the group while scratching his head.


"What's the silence for? You guys aren't going to congratulate me or something?" Chad asked them when he heard nothing. So he turned to look at their face. They were all giving him a disdain and a disappointed look on their faces.

"What? What are you guys looking at? Is there something on my face?" Chad asked them confusedly.

"Nothing, I can't bother with you anymore. If anyone ever asks if you know us, say no." Maria said as she looked away from him.

"Sam, are you sure you can even fight after eating that much?" Maria said as she turned around to look at him completely ignoring Chad.

"Yeah, I can! Let me go prepare now." Sam said as he went to get his equipment before heading to the ring with the other contestants.

"What do you mean if they ask me that? Don't we know each other?" Chad asked her puzzledly.

"I don't want people to know I am friends with an idiot." Maria said bluntly.

"What? I am not an idiot alright? All I did was forget my deck of cards. Besides, I won, so I didn't really need the deck of cards." Chad retorted.

"Then what is that?" Maria asked him as she pointed at his left waist.

"What is what?" Chad said as he looked towards where Maria was pointing.

"..." Chad looked at his left waist and back at her like he had just seen a demon.

"You see what I mean now? Please don't talk to me in public. I don't know you." Maria said as she looked away from him.

"I can explain. I completely forgot that I switched it you know. Come on guys, don't ignore me. Aren't we the best of friends?" Chad said as he asked the group who were blatantly ignoring him.

"Ha ha ha, really funny." The group said as they looked at the ring, completely ignoring him.

"Guys? Come on guys, don't be like this. We are friends aren't we?" Chad said as he tried to get their attention.

"Oh look! There Sam is, I wonder what he can do right guys?" Maria said as she looked at the group pretending Chad wasn't part of the group.

"Ugh… Why am I so stupid…" Chad muttered as he looked at the ring with a sad expression on his face.

"Alright folks! Get ready for our last round of the day! Give the contestants a round of applause for attending and participating in today's tournament!" The announcer said as he was back at his area with some more food.

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Clap Clap Clap

"I know you all can't wait to see who would get top 5 in this match right!? I know it because I can see all of your faces saying, "Hurry up and finish so I can place my bets on the 30 participants remaining to make some big bucks"." The announcer said.

"But I am the same, so without further ado. Let's begin this round shall we!" The announcer said.


Author : sorry late chapter I got really sick and still am sick.