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265 Bracket D/ Beastkin Race Still Discriminated

"See, what did I tell you, of course, I'd pass this round," Benji said as he walked back towards the group looking at Lance.

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"Congratulations, I actually didn't think you'd be able to use the trap kit and would end up kicking and punching everyone to death," Lance said as he looked at Benji in surprise.

"Hehe, I did it when I sensed no one looking at me. I silently covered my torso first before I immediately hid when they looked away." Benji said as he made the peace sign.

"Nice," Maria said.

"So who's up next now?" Maria asked as she looked at Sam, Chad, and Maal.

"I am up next nya," Maal said.

"Are you prepared?" Maria asked her as she started to rub Maal's head.

"I am nya," Maal said as she let Maria pat her.

By this time, it was already almost dusk. However, there were even more spectators coming. As people were finally finished with their jobs and were able to come to watch with their family.

"Welcome back folks! There are still three more matches to go! And I don't want to waste any more time, so let's get this over with yeah!?" The announcer said in an energetic tone as he raised his 'microphone' towards the crowd.

"WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Loud cries could be heard from the spectators.

"YEAH!!!!!!" The crowd said as they cheered with the announcer indicating how energetic they were as well.

"Alright! Let's have Bracket D enter now!" The announcer said.

"WOOOOOOO!" Whistling and cheering could be heard as students from Bracket D entered. Not everyone was a morning person, not everyone was an afternoon person. However, there are many night people. Thus, they could not contain themselves anymore and started to unleash their inner feelings as they cheered.

The moment Maal went on the ring, she felt many stares from students who wanted to defeat her. Though the kingdom they are in may be free, many nobles still hate beastkins. Since Maal was one, despite how cute and fluffy she was, they still disliked her blood.

Thus, they decided they wanted to get rid of her first.

'Hmm? These nobles are so annoying nya. They are always bothering me in class nya. Why can't they leave me alone nya?" Maal thought to herself as she took out her dagger preparing to cut anyone in her path.

"Anyway! Looks like the contestants of bracket D are ready to begin! And looks like most of the crowd has their food in hand too! Now, don't forget to make your bets! I need that share of money!" The announcer said.

"Anyway! I commence bracket D to begin!" The announcer said as he brought down his arm indicating the round had started.

"Get out of here you filthy beastkin!" A young male noble said as he charged at her with his sword out. His killing intent was on obvious display, as he really wanted her dead instead of just getting her out of the match.


Author : stupid nobles, always hating beastkin. they never appreciate the fluff