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261 Boys & Girls Delusions

"Elise!!! You got this!!!" A cheer could be heard from a certain part of the spectator stands. Of course, the girls who cheered for her were the girls from the girls dormitory.

"Mmh, yeah, I do got this." Elise muttered to herself as she waved back at them with a smile on her face. This smile captivated the hearts of many spectating.

"Ahh! I think she is the one for me!" A male said as he looked at Elise.

"Is this what they call, 'Love at first sight'?" A boy said as he held his chest at where his heart would be located.

"No, what one would call your syndrome would be, 'Loving any girl that you see, thus you never will have one' syndrome." His friend sitting next to him said.

"Tch, fine whatever." The boy said as he still looked at Elise with his pounding heart.

"Hey! You boys better not think about touching our Elise! You heard!? Only we can! And the plants too!" The girls said as they shouted at the boys who fell in love with Elise.

"Ah!? Be quiet! Hands off Lance and Richard then! You girls get so crazy!" The boys retorted.

"Huh!? What are you! Gay!? You want to marry boys?! Go ahead, go marry them. Though I wouldn't mind it if Lance and Richard were to marry… Hehehe…" The girls said as they started to have nosebleeds due to their fantasies getting way out of hand.

"Wha-! No! We aren't gay! Then what are you,girls!? Lesbian!?" The boys retorted.
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"Wouldn't you boys liked it if we were lesbian?" The girls replied.

"Ye- No! What are you on about!" The boys said with an embarrassed face as they started to have their delusional fantasies about two girls, just as the girls had thought about two boys. They too started to have a nosebleed.

"Ew! Perverts! Get out! Stop fantasizing about us!" The girls said as they took out their weapons and started to fight the boys.

"Children! Please stop fighting! You are disturbing me! You are making me late in starting the match which could end so much earlier! I really don't want to be here! I just want my cash! So let me please finish this quickly!" The announcer said as he warned the girls and the boys to stop the ruckus they were making.

"Tch," Both sides clicked their tongues in annoyance as they put away their weapons before watching the match again. Though they were not fighting from an outside view, some were secretly throwing rocks and using magic.

'Sigh, why don't they get along?' The academy thought as they were getting embarrassed from having the same classes as those people.

'Aren't they nobles too? Only a few could enter the dormitory…' The people that didn't live in the dormitories thought as they looked at the ruckus the 'nobles' were causing.

"Anyway! Let's start on with Bracket B! Place in your bets at the gambling station! Make sure you put it on the people you think will lose so I get some money too!" The announcer joked as he started the match.