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260 Going Back To The Group

"Well anyway, there will be a 15-minute break before the next match will begin! Please go do whatever you need to do, get your friends, grab a snack, grab a drink. Do whatever you need to do, maybe get some autographs while you're at it!" The announcer said as he disappeared off to somewhere after saying that.

'Hmm, I wonder what good food there is. I am starving,' The announcer thought as he went to one of the stalls to get himself some food. He was pretty hungry after all, and commentating was making him use a lot of energy.

"Good job Lance! However, I think you have a contestant! That Richard Baroque looks really scary." Maria said when Lance walked off the ring.

"Yeah, he can use a sword pretty well. I can't wait to face him during the one on ones." Lance said as his blood was craving for some more fights. Even his katana agreed as it hummed in happiness.

"When could your sword talk?" Maria asked him.

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"When that old man upgraded it. It's practically an intelligent sword now." Lance said as he patted his katana, which basically hummed in happiness.

"Wow! I wish my staff could talk to me!" Maria said as she looked at her staff which only gave her more troubles as she could not control her power yet.

"Sigh, we'll have to teach you how to control your magic later. Probably after the tournament, just so you don't kill anybody." Lance said as he looked at Maria.

"Yeah, I should." Maria said with a downcast expression.

"Cheer up, go root for Elise. She is going up next after all." Lance said.

"What is there to root for? You already know she's going to win. I mean, who can really beat her?" Maria said as she looked at Lance.

"I mean you're right. Let's go get something to eat and join the others so we can watch Elise." Lance said as he was hungry after fighting.

"Okay!" Maria said as she completely ignored her duties of healing the injured students.

"Good job Lance!" Benji said when Lance and Maria came back to sit with them.

"Yeah, where's Elise? Did she already go prepare in the locker room?" Lance asked him.

"Yeah, she wanted to make sure that her daggers wouldn't stab her when she made movements," Benji said.

"That would be painful," Lance said.

"Yeah," Sam said as he was gobbling up food.

"You do realize this is a colosseum and not a restaurant right, Sam?" Chad asked him.

"What's the difference? If they sell food, it's a restaurant. I am hungry anyway, I gotta eat up so I am ready for my own battle." Sam said as he continued to stuff his face.

"Looks like Maal is sleeping like always," Maria said as she looked at Maal.

"Yeah, she was pretty tired. Since she had to wake up pretty early after all." Benji said.

"Sigh, let her rest before her match," Lance said.

"Alright," The group said as they turned to look at the arena that had the contestants walk in.