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259 Richard Baroque

However, Lance wasn't the only anomaly in the bracket. There was also Richard Baroque. He was ranked second in the academy entrance exams after Sylvie. So technically, he would have the highest score if not for the non-human Sylvie who had gotten a perfect score on the entrance exam.
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With a broadsword in hand, he parried the attacks of other students who charged at him. He then swung his broadsword at them leaving them to get healed by the healing crew who were waiting off-stage.

"Eat this Richard Baroque! Let's see if you're worthy of that number two spot on the academy entrance exams! I doubt you can be much!" A student 2 years older than him said as he had a shield on his left and a broadsword on his right.

"Come," Richard said as he easily provoked the senior of his.

"Don't worry! You won't get hurt much! The healers will be here to heal you, so don't worry about dying!" The student said as he charged towards Richard with his shield in front of him to protect him against any sort of attacks.

"I am afraid that won't help, as I know how to use magic too." Richard said as he chanted.

"Earth Magic : Stone Javelin!" He casted his spell as the ground behind the senior of his started to shake a bit, as javelins made out of stone were quickly coming out of the ground aiming at his back.

"Tch!" He said as he turned around and blocked the stone javelins with his shield.

"Ha! You can only amount to so much," He said when he successfully blocked the three stone javelins.

"Indeed, I can only amount to so much," Richard said as he was behind his senior already bringing his broadsword down.

"Shi-!" The senior said as he took a strike to the back rendering him unconscious due to how much pain he had to take.

"I can only amount to much against you, I don't need to amount any more." Richard said as he coldly swung his sword making the blood splash onto the ring.

"Kyaa! Richard-sama! You're so cool! Please go out with me!" Young female spectators said as they fell in love with him. Who wouldn't go out with someone who had a lot of fame and strength?

Marrying someone with a lot of fame and strength could guarantee you a trip to heaven for free. You basically have everything covered for you. You wouldn't have to worry about life expenses anymore.

However, Richard didn't care about any of this, as he had already someone who he loved in his heart. Thus, he continued defeating all the opponents until there were only five left on the ring. Him, Lance, and three others.


"Stop! There are only five contestants remaining in Bracket A! Let's give a round of applause for these five brave contestants that have finished the first round!" The announcer said as he stopped the battle.

Following this announcement, there were a lot of cheers.

"Looks like he moves up." Sylvie said.

"Indeed, looks like he moved up." Laura said.


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