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251 Benji“s Trap Ki

"Why don't you leave me alone already golem!" Maria shouted at the golem that was still swinging its arms towards her as she ran around the room while breathing really roughly.

"..." The golem just continued to swing its arms at her as if not hearing her.

"Gah! I will get you back for this one da-- KYAAAAAA!" Maria said as she turned around to look at the golem before stepping on something and losing her balance.

"WHY IS THERE A PITFALL HERE!" Maria exclaimed as she fell into a pitfall trap.

"Why'd you step in that Maria!" Benji shouted at her.

"Benji!? Where are you!?" Maria asked him.
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"I am camouflaged right now! So you obviously can't see me, however. Why'd you go and activate the pitfall trap! What is wrong with you!?" Benji scolded her.

"How am I supposed to know there was a pitfall trap here!?" Maria shouted at him as she quickly got out of the pitfall trap to escape from the golem.

"I literally drew a ring around it! How could you not see it! Were you not paying attention to where you were going?!" Benji shouted at her.

"Oh, now that I look at it… There really is this big ring around the pitfall trap… How did I not know that…" Maria said weakly as she looked at the pitfall trap.

"Don't ask me that! Ask yourself that! Now I have to set up another trap because of you!" Benji shouted at her as he got away from his hiding spot before creating another pitfall trap which alerted the golem that was searching for him.

Seeing the golem chase him, he ran around the pitfall for a while before using a dust blower at the ground to cause the dust to blind the golem. He then put on his camouflage once more, making the golem confused.

"???" The golem looked around confusedly, it started to go towards the last location it had seen Benji. However, it was not prepared for the pitfall trap that it did not see. As it had chased its enemy for a while, and had not seen him do anything weird to the ground.


The golem suddenly stumbled with its right leg as it lost one of its legs into the pitfall trap. Due to how heavy it was, it caused its leg to actually dig a hole into the pitfall trap, making it stuck and unable to get out.

"Of course, a trap kit is not my only utensil. I also, need to have a weapon." Benji said as he got out of his camouflage before holding onto a spherical black object.

He then threw it at the golem. The golem thinking it was something dangerous immediately tried to punch at it. However, it was wrong, as that spherical black object, was actually a bomb.


The golems core was blown up to smithereens, as it was unable to regenerate due to having nothing to make it regenerate. Benji was the victor in this battle, as he used everything he had. Efficient at anything.


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