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246 Preparing To Go To The Blacksmith

"It's been a while now nya, when do you think Sylvie will come back nya?" Maal asked the girls.

"Probably on the tournament day, I don't think her family will let her go, the same thing happened during winter break. She came back with such a tired expression on her face." Elise replied to Maal as she recalled how Sylvie went back to the girl's dormitory and went to bed right away.

"Oh nya, what should we do today then nya," Maal asked her.

"We are going to get our weapons from the blacksmith today, don't you remember? That dwarf finally came back, so in the afternoon we're going to go together to that blacksmith store." Elise replied to her as she started to recall that perverted dwarf that had such a high rank.

"Oh nya, that pervert nya… I don't want to go there anymore nya…" Maal said as she remembered how the dwarf technically called her flat when he was looking at Maria.

"I shall take a nap then, wake me up before it's time to go," Maria said as she laid back on her soft and fluffy bed before falling asleep.

"Alright, then," Elise said.

"I will take a nap too then nya," Maal said as she went to bed and slept as well.

"Wake up you two," Elise said as she shook Maria and Maal who were napping on their individual beds.

"Nya…" Maal woke up as she rubbed her eyes. Clearly still wanting to go back to sleep and not waking up.

"Ugh…" Maria groaned as she woke up in the middle of a good dream. She wanted to kill whoever had woke her from a good dream she had. However, she then realized it was Elise who woke her up and immediately gave up the thoughts of killing whoever had woken her up.

"Are you two up yet?" Elise said as she looked at the two sleepy heads, whoever were slowly, but surely, becoming like Sylvie.

"Yes…" Maria said as she groggily got out of bed to wash her face.

"Maal?" Elise asked her.

"Yes nya…" Maal said as she did the same thing, clearly, still exhausted as always.

"Change your outfits and let's go, we can't keep the boys waiting. Well, we actually can, they deserve to wait, but I doubt Lance will wait for us." Elise said.

"Yeah, he'll know if we're intentionally making him wait or not," Maria said.

"Then, let's hurry up and go," Elise said.

"What are the girls doing? What is taking them so long?" Sam asked the group.

"Shhh Sam, just let them be late. The later they are, the more we can tease them." Chad said.

"Okay, I am leaving," Lance said as he headed towards the blacksmith right away.

"Sorry, we're late!" Maria's voice came from behind him.

"Speak of the devil, look who is here," Lance said as he turned around to look at the three girls.


Author : school picture day >:(((( I dun liek this

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