"Guys, what does this mean?" Sam asked them as he was stumped on a question.

"Sam… All of these questions are so easy, what do you mean, what does this mean?" Maria asked him.

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"It said what moves did the boss have. How am I supposed to know that?" Sam replied.

"..." The entire group just stared at him in silence as they let the dumb, stay dumb.

"Guys?" Sam asked them again when he heard no reply.

"Just ignore him." Lance said as he turned in the answers for which the paper had asked them what happened in the dungeon, and what was in the dungeon.

"Bye Sam, we're going back to the dorms." The entire group said as they left Sam alone in the Adventurers Guild to fill out his answers.

"Wait!" Frank said as he stopped them from leaving.

"What is it Guild Master?" The group turned around as they looked at him confusedly.

"Take this, you must be monitored." Frank said as he handed them the cards he had pulled out of a drawer a long time ago.

"What are these for?" Elise asked him.

"Tracking devices. So we know where you all are at the same time." Frank said bluntly.

"Do we really need to have these on?" Maria asked him.

"Yes, indeed. You do need to have those on. Also, go visit Illya to get promoted. Also, the dungeon you faced was one of the easiest dungeons. So don't think of challenging any more dungeons if you are that weak." Frank said.

"Then how strong do we need to be?" Chad asked him.

"Strong enough to take me or Illya down." Frank said.

"What did you mean by that was one of the easiest dungeons nya," Maal asked him as she found the dungeon difficult on its self, they would've died, had it not been for Maria.

"First of all, in a dungeon. There is usually a Dungeon Master. These Dungeon Masters control the dungeon entirely, from monsters to traps, to the entire environment and size. They control everything. They also have resources in the dungeons." Frank explained.

"This is why there are still dungeons that are famous in other kingdoms. The kingdoms form a treaty with the Dungeon Master, they don't kill him or break the Dungeon Orb which controls his life. And they get the resources the dungeon generates." Frank added.

"If there are no resources from the dungeon, they will immediately try to end the Dungeon Master. Even if there is a dungeon without a Dungeon Master and it generates resources, they will not clear that dungeon." Frank said.

"That is how hungry the government is for resources to build their own territory," Frank said at last.

"Oh… So what rank are we going promoted to?" Sam asked him as if he completely ignored what Frank had just said.

"..." The entire group looked at him in silence once more.

"Anyway just go, I don't want to see you anymore. You don't have to turn in that paper anymore. Just shoo," Frank said as he wanted them out of his office ASAP.

"Yes yes, bye-bye." The group said as they left his office.

"Sigh, kids are so troublesome…" Frank muttered to himself as he slumped on his chair.


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