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"Hmm, the kids went so long ago. Yet, why aren't they back yet?" Illya muttered to herself as she slouched over the container not minding her appearance to others right now.

"Illya, I saw the kids at the front gates, they were pretty battered up. Though none of them were bleeding and they seemed to be in good shape, just their hair and clothing said otherwise." A fellow receptionist that had just ended her shift said.

"Is that so? Well, that took them a long time. As long as they're not hurt, it is okay. I don't want Sylvie to be angry at me because I didn't take care of their safety." Illya said.

"Illya, we're back!" Sam said as he entered the Adventurers Guild.

"Welcome back, what took you all so long. And why are you all so battered up? Did you get exploded by a cannon or something?" Illya asked the group.

"No no… We just found a dungeon and decided to clear it." Sam replied telling the truth.

As he said that, the entire Adventurers Guild froze. They all looked at the group that had entered the Adventurers Guild. Just mere children, and the mention of dungeons…

"You… You seven, come follow me upstairs right now." Illya said as she lead them to the Guild Master's office on the second floor.

"Can you take over for me for a bit?" Illya asked the receptionist that had just ended her shift.

"Eh? Alright?" The receptionist replied back in shock as she went behind the counter.

Knock Knock

"What is it?" Frank asked when he heard knocks on the door.

"It's me," Illya said.

"Come in, what is it this time?" Frank asked her, as he knew Illya would not talk to him willingly unless it was something important.

"Alright, I am coming in," Illya said as she opened the door and made the seven kids enter.

"Why are they all so battered up? Did they get exploded by a cannon or something?" Frank asked her.

"I thought the same time, however, no, they decided to explore a dungeon and clear it without telling us." Illya replied.

"They what now?" Frank said as he put down the documents he was reading.

"As I said, they found a dungeon and cleared it. Without telling the Adventurers Guild, and they are below A-rank." Illya repeated once more for Frank.

"I knew having kids would spew some trouble, however, I didn't expect it to be on their first and second day here…" Frank said as he held his head.

"Anyway, you kids will be staying here and will be signing papers. You are not allowed to leave until you finish answering all the questions. Afterward, you will have something to monitor you all whenever you do a mission." Frank said as he pulled a drawer open and took out some cards

"Eh why?" The group asked him confusedly.

"You aren't allowed to enter a dungeon without telling the Adventurers Guild unless you're A-ranked," Frank said.

"After you tell us, we will organize a team to raid the dungeon. Did you not read the handbook?" Frank asked them.

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"What handbook?" They asked him.

"Illya?" Frank looked at her.

"Haha… I forgot…" Illya said as she scratched her cheeks.

"Sigh, what a tiresome bunch," Frank muttered to himself as he sighed.


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