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235 Goblin Attack!

"Are we there yet?" Sam huffed and puffed as he was tired from the walking he had done with the group.

"Just a bit more and we'll be there," Maria said as she looked at him with a frown.

"You said that every time, hasn't it been like half of an hour yet?" Sam said as he was feeling fatigued.

"Just be patient, and it's only been half of an hour. So how are you tired? We've been walking and not running." Maria scolded him.

"Can we at least take a break in that cave over there?" Sam said as he pointed at the cave up ahead.

"Fine, we can take a break there. Wait, did you just say a cave?" Maria said as she turned around to look at what he was pointing towards.

"Yeah, a cave. Let's go rest. Good thing I brought some water." Sam said as he quickly went into the cave to sit down and drink his water.

After taking out his water sack he took off hid the lid before putting it in his mouth.

"GLUG GLUG GLUG GLUG" Sam immediately drank the entire pouch before wiping his mouth. He then breathed in relief as he could finally rest.

"I think this is the cave where the goblins lie," Maria said.

"Oh, that's great. What a coincidence, we can actually let Sam rest here before we prepare. After we finish resting, we can go eliminate those goblins for our promotion." Lance said as he took his bag and started to find a lamp.

"The faster we turn in the mission, the faster we'll rank up. The higher the rank we are, the more fame we shall receive." Lance said as he held the lamp to his face before looking at the rest.

"Yep! And we'll aim for number one!" Maria said happily.

"Number one it is! We'll become better than heroes and the demon king!" Lance said as they all had dreams. Dreams to be the best at their aspect.

Lance wanted to be the strongest swordsman. Sam wanted to be the richest person in the world. Maria wanted to be the best healer in the world. Elise wanted to be the closest to mother nature. Benji wanted to master everything. Chad wanted to have a harem. And Maal, she just wanted everyone to be happy.

As for Sylvie, her goal is to be the best magician in the world. Each and every one of them had different ideas and goals. However, the way to reach their goal? It is all the same, it is by putting in the effort.

"GABU!?!" A sudden shout was heard from inside the cave.

"What was that?" Sam said as he got up all of a sudden in fright.

"That was a goblin cry," Elise said.

"Get ready for combat everybody." She added as she drew her bow.

"GABUU!!?" A entire group of goblins came rushing at them.

"ATTACK!" Elise said as she let go of the first arrow as it pierced a goblins head, and killing it.


Author : owo owo owo bday tmr! but it is actually in 2 hours for me :D